[EXCLUSIVE] Talk Hair-y With Hair Stylist Amy Putens On The Hottest 2020 Hair Trends

Spring awakening calls for the newest short cuts and fresh colours that’ll keep you ahead of the trends. Keep reading to find out more with the help of Ian McCabe Studios’ brilliant hair stylist, Amy Putens!

Hair extraordinaire Amy Putens serves up some tips and tricks to rock killer crops and rich tones | Image credit: of Ian McCabe Studio

Looked in the mirror lately and felt your locks hasn’t been giving you Beyoncé feelin’ myself vibes? Need a lil’ something to spruce them up in a flash? Or maybe you just need a total shake up altogether? Either way, donning a brand new hairstyle can totally boost your confidence and reset your outlook (the year is still young…). With 2020 already seeing celebs springing for fresh cuts and colours (think Selena‘s showstopper lob and Kaia‘s bob that we simply love!), it’s practically impossible to avoid the temptation to follow suit. If you aren’t sure if short cuts are for you or your hair texture, it does help to pick up some tips and tricks from a professional before chopping it off.

Lucky for us, we managed to chat with one of Ian McCabe Studio’s hairstylists, Amy Putens to know more on the trendiest hairstyles already dominating 2020. Armed with an evergrowing passion for the art of hair-styling together with an infectious enthusiasm, it is pretty clear that the proud Washington DC native lives and breathes hair. With 14 years of experience in the hair industry under her belt [and counting], who better than Putens to spill on the hottest looks as well as tips on getting and keeping them fresh out the salon-ready.

Jumping into the New Year, what are the latest trends that are an absolute must to try? 

Adding hidden pops of your personality (hidden fun colours) underneath your everyday look is definitely trending. They allow you to express yourself without interfering with your ‘day job’. If pops of colour aren’t your thing, I would also say dark is in! Pair all of these with a sleek bob of choice. You can’t go wrong with a textured or blunt bob so who’s to say even adding a little curtain fringe will hurt? The bob look is super trendy for 2020 but if you aren’t into it, that’s okay! I often tell my clients with long locks to add some colour in order to play up the dimension.

How would different hair textures rock them in terms of styling? Do face shapes matter?

Often we think “Can my hair do that? The answer is usually yes — it just depends on what you are willing to do with it in terms of upkeep and maintenance. Face shapes definitely play a role in the placement of layers and angles, but the reality is that we tend to be rather cruel to ourselves.

There are so many people who come to me and say that they have a round face, when really, they envision a haircut that made them feel more round and have never gotten past it. If you are with the right stylist, they will be honest and point you in the proper direction, leaving you with all the confidence!

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Short and dark tones are in, as observed backstage at Tod’s S/S 2020 | Image credit: of Tod’s

with the lob (and bob) striking back in full force, How would the styling/shaping differ with different hair textures, especially curly hair? 

If you have extremely curly hair, can you really have a sleek blunt bob? YES, but only if you are willing to put in the work to straighten and style. If not, you can easily take those coils and rock a textured bob instead, allowing your curls to feel free.

what should be done to maintain the look (and healthy feel) of these hairstyles?

The aftercare of your hair is 100% a part of the whole look you are trying to go for. For any of these cuts, I recommend visiting your stylist anywhere between an eight- to 12-week time span. This keeps things fresh and in perfect shape.

With shorter hair, you want to lean more towards the eight-week time frame. Bobs, lobs and pixies have surprisingly quick grow outs and require more maintenance. For longer hair, I suggest aiming more towards the 10-week side. Often times, it isn’t the ends that you feel need dusting, but the interior shape that requires some attention like the volume, movement, etc. Once that has grown in, your shape collapses and the style is dull and hard to work with.

Who better than Zendaya to bring back the red-auburn trend?

What are the hottest hair colours to try out this season (and how to make them last longer)?

Honestly, I think dark and dainty is coming back. But, if Chestnuts and Midnight tones aren’t your thing, red is always trending too. There is nothing more striking than a fresh colour; the shine, warmth, coolness… it is everything.

Often we choose to go darker and forget that these hues need maintenance just as much as any other. I would recommend talking to your colourist about a regimen that works for you. If you feel that maintenance is hassling, then avoid going dark (especially red). Colours like these get dull, flat and lifeless. They’ll need glossing between every application for the perfect look!

Which hairstyle/s look the toughest to pull off but is actually a lot less complicated than it looks?

There are so many ways we can style our hair on the go. Some of my favourites are twists that can give you a half up half down look. Even small updos are quite simple to do if you only have bobby bins. Nowadays, there are so many existing Youtube/ Pinterest videos that can show you tutorials on how to do it yourself. I highly recommend these for that work day hair change up. One of my fave places to visit is prettydesign.com or thebeautydepartment.com — you can definitely find quick and simple guides for many hair looks, including that messy bun!

Any hair trend that you aren’t a particularly huge fan of? 

Well, I am not exactly a girly-girl, so the pearl and glitter hair clasp trend that has been going around that places your bangs back or just pins a portion of your hair back looks great on some people, but I wouldn’t necessarily go for this trend. However, it doesn’t mean it can’t work. I would choose to place a simple gold clasp instead of something that has so much going on.

Unexpected new hair accessories to try out in time for spring fever?

Even though I may not be a fan of these hair clasps/pins, they are trending and selling like wild flowers. The trending hair accessory that I do adore though is the decorative scarf look. I also love a little pop of colour to tie your ponytail or use it for a headband look, which I’m glad to say are back again!


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