Feeling Frustrated With Brittle Hair And Hair Styling Woes? Treat Your Hair With These Natural Oils

There will come a time in everyone’s life where you will succumb to peer pressure from either your friends, your favourite celebrities or even an advice from your hairstylist to add an edgy touch to your hair. Being asian means, having to bleach the hell out of your locks to achieve lustrous mermaid hair. You know for a fact it will damage your precious virgin mane and all will go downhill as soon as you get lazy to keep your monthly touch-up appointments in check, but you do it anyway right? Girl, I feel you.

The trick is to always fall back on natural ingredients that will nurture your hair accordingly. Especially after the bleaching process, it’s important to inject nutrients and hydration back into your scalp. If you haven’t done much to your mane but it still looks frustratingly dry, there are other ways this can happen which you may not notice. Direct heat can also strip its natural oils off and vigorous towel drying can damage your hair too! No matter how good that hair dye may look, brittle hair will always show through. Look out for these natural oils and see the results for yourself:

Argan Oil

One of the reasons so many people swear by Argan Oil is because it’s rich in Vitamin A and E which means it helps boost cell production while promoting healthy hair and skin!

Not only that but it’s also packed with Omega-6 Fatty Acids and anti-oxidants, based on a research done by Dom Guillaume, PhD – School of Medicine-Pharmacy, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, Reims, France and Zoubida Charrouf, PhD – University MohammedVAgdal, Morocco; professor, Laboratory of Plant Chemistry which you can read all about it here.

Products we suggest with Argan Oil:

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Extensive dryness of scalp will usually result in dandruff and this oil is capable of moisturizing the follicles of the hair and can make strands much more stronger and healthier.

Jojoba oil doesn’t only moisturizes the hair, it adds nutrients, and stimulates the scalp says Stephanie S. Gardner, MD, a board certified in dermatology by the American Board of Dermatology.

Products we suggest with Jojoba Oil:

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Coconut Oil

We hear it all around, Beauty Experts are obsessed with coconut oil and so are we!

According to a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science, the findings clearly indicate the strong impact that coconut oil application has to hair as compared to application of both sunflower and mineral oils. Among three oils, coconut oil was the only one that was found to reduce the protein loss remarkably for both undamaged and damaged hair when used as a pre-wash and post-wash product which makes it an excellent conditioner for all hair types.

Products we suggest with Coconut Oil:

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