Meet Your Mask Match This Valentine’s With UFO By FOREO Sweden And Its New Farm To Face Collection

If you really think about it, facial masks haven’t really evolved from their original iteration. But the leaders in beauty tech saw to that, when they released the UFO by FOREO Sweden masking device that basically revolutionised everything.

UFO by FOREO Sweden, RMRM1,251

And when they say Smart Masking — it really is that. You can basically forget all your preconceptions of what you know about masking and let the device take over and do its thing. And for the uninitiated we’ll introduce to you the best things about the UFO device, as well as the newest collection of masks that harness natural ingredients for the best for your skin.

In conjunction with the season of love, #teamCLEO recommends this skincare gadget that’ll be one of the best Valentine’s gift ideas for you and bae. Talk about getting ‘skintimate’ too! *wink wink* Read on to find out how the UFO will work for you lovebirds.


UFO 101

The UFO is a nifty device that has the mask sheet fitted onto it, rather than go straight onto your face itself. The device then pairs to your phone (download the Foreo For You app on Google Play and App Store) and shows you how to use it. While you use it, the UFO goes through different modes of hyper-infusion tech within just 90 secs so that your skin reaps the maximum benefits of the mask’s essence.

Hyper-infusion tech 1: Warming 

The UFO gradually warms in its thermo-therapy mode so that it gets absorbed and is infused quicker and more effectively.

Hyper-infusion tech 2: Cooling

Cryo is the way to go nowadays — the Cryo-therapy on the UFO is when it cools to calm skin, reduce the appearance of pores and reduce puffiness. It’s invigorating!

Hyper-infusion tech 3: T-sonic Pulsations

Only good vibrations here — the T-sonic pulses of this device is a patented technology which doubles up — it’s a soothing massage that boosts the absorption of active mask ingredients. Think of it as masking level 3000.

LED light tech 

Let there be light — especially the LED light therapy that benefits skin in more ways than one. This one device has three targeted photofacials (red, green and blue LED light wavelengths) so that you can enjoy the benefits of better skin.

We actually tried it out last year and can show you a step-by-step.


And if you need another tutorial to see how it works IRL, click play here:

Masks To Match

Good things come in pairs (like relationships) and you need ‘the one’ that’s right for you — the same goes for picking the best Korean sheet mask to go with your UFO and give your skin the love it needs.

Now that you have the device that does wonders, all you need to do is find the essence that best suits your skin and what you want to achieve. While there were the original masks that covered all bases, the brand new range of Farm To Face masks from FOREO harnesses the all-nourishing goodness of different natural ingredients for your skin to soak in.

We introduce to you to them in this GIF as well as more info below so you can meet your match and fall in love!


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Quench That Thirst 

FOREO Coconut Oil (Nourishing) – UFO Activated Mask, RM85 (6 Masks)

The Coconut Oil mask focuses on nourishing your skin and enhancing its radiance. Made for thirsty complexions, you’ll be on a smooth ride to hydration. Great for all skin types, so indulge!

Smooth Operator

FOREO Acai Berry (Smoothing) – UFO Activated Mask, RM85 (6 Masks)

No one wants to tackle lines. But the Acai Berry mask is made for the first signs of ageing — it’s packed with antioxidants and is the first line of protection to rejuvenate and reinvigorate skin, smoothing it out and making it look younger. The fruity scent will also make you fall head over heels.

Sweet Talker

FOREO Manuka Honey (Revitalizing) – UFO Activated Mask, RM85 (6 Masks)

Care for your skin with the goodness of Manuka honey that’s nutrient-packed. Sweet and caring, this can soothe dryness and soften skin for a radiant complexion. It has a subtle honey scent that’ll make you drool, too!

So Fresh, So Clean

FOREO Green Tea (Purifying) – UFO Activated Mask, RM85 (6 Masks)

Nothing beats green tea at the purifying game, as this plant is nature’s most potent source of antioxidants. With this you get a refreshing facial treatment that purifies and protects skin so you can flaunt flawlessness in a flash.

You can purchase the UFO at FOREO Official Store on Lazada.

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