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Fragrance Layering: Why You Need to Start Doing It

Original Reporting: | Melissa Chew and Zoe Zeng | Additional Reporting: #TeamCLEO

If you’ve ever wracked your brain trying to figure out how to make your favourite fragrance last for longer than a hot minute, then fragrance layering is the trick for you. Keep scrolling to find out more.


You’ve probably heard of Coco Chanel’s popular declaration, “a woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” If you want to heed the advice of the famous founder and namesake of the popular luxury French brand, remember to spritz on your signature scent.

Unfortunately, the reality is that fragrances fade, especially in ever-sunny Malaysia where the humid heat can make a sweaty, less than sweet-smelling mess of even the best of us. Sadly, the perfumes we spritz on never seem to be able to take us through the day without fading to obscurity.

What’s a girl (or guy) to do then? Well, your best bet to smell fresh throughout the day just might be the art of fragrance layering. For the lowdown on stacking your scents, as well as expert tips and how-tos, we consulted the fragrance expert from Chanel and the training manager of Parfums Christian Dior.

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What is Fragrance Layering?

Fragrance layering is a technique to prolong a fragrance’s scent by applying ancillaries such as body lotion, body mist, body crème and body oil, says Dior’s training manager.

Practicing the art of layering your fragrance also helps to intensify the trail of your chosen scent, according to Chanel’s fragrance expert.

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