Get To Know The 8 Sephora “Beauty Rewritten” Ambassadresses

8 women who have redefined conventions in their own unique ways.

Sephora SEA, a much-loved retail chain, living by its beliefs to completely value beauty — is proud to present Beauty ReWritten. A campaign with wishes and hopes to spark conversation around preconceived notions of beauty, breaking boundaries and what success means to women. Motivated to challenge the status quo, this campaign aims to celebrate the diversity of beauty beyond what meets the eye. 

This campaign features eight women of different races, ages and cultural background — Nadira Yussof and Sandhya Manoj representing Malaysia. “I am honoured to be part of a campaign that empowers women to embrace their own definition of beauty”, said Nadira. 

Nadira Yussof, a dynamic and determined woman with six businesses under her and also a mother of 6 children.

On the other hand, Sandhya Manoj, an accomplished yoga master and Odissi dancer  — a mother of two daughters, who has been invited to perform all over the Malaysia and India. “I find that when I identify myself to my job or my motherhood, people have such a compartmentalised definition of me,” said Sandhya. “People do not see me as who I am internally which is much more important. And that’s what beauty is to me. Everything that shows as external beauty is a portrayal of a beauty within.”

Sandhya Manoj, accomplished yoga master and Odissi dancer.

Featuring six other women from the region including Thailand, Singapore and Australia  —  each bringing her unique experiences and approach to true beauty; and in the long run redefining the very core of this forever trending word. 

Tiffany Soithongsuk, a former elite gymnast and has a degree in astrophysics.

Carrie Tan, a social entrepreneur who made a major career switch after a life-changing trip to South India.

Poppy Lissiman, an accessories designer redefining conventions with her own unique way.

Sivalee Anantachart, Community Manager for Google Business Group Bangkok, the director of a jewellery company, a partner at Launchpad, a co-working space in Bangkok, and the founder of SoMA Social and SoMCity.

Annabelle Kwok, the founder of Daughters of Tomorrow, a charity that helps provide livelihood opportunities to underprivileged women.

Tutti Bennett, an eccentric Australian retiree who finds beauty in embracing her uniqueness.

To find out more about these eight empowering ladies in Sephora SEA campaign Beauty ReWritten, check out the Beauty Feed via the Sephora App!