Give Yourself A Nourishing Facial By Multi-Masking

Beauty aficionados will confess that they own many different types of face masks, which makes me wonder “when do people have the time to use more than one type?”

In a world of fast-paced trends, it’s too easy to be curious to try a new product like a face mask. Ever went shopping for one and find yourself loitering at the same isle for almost an hour? That’s literally me. Especially living in Asia, where the wackiest ideas come to life.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who was convinced a face mask is something to not overuse, for the longest time I was under the assumption a healthy dose would be on a weekly basis. At LEAST. Girl, I thought wrong. Based on an abundance of research, especially in South Korea, the Mecca of all things beauty, when it comes to masking – more is actually better.

I’m not just talking about more of the same product, but different types. Customizing the perfect facial for every part of your face has become a thing, and it’s called ‘Multi-Masking’. Aside from its pure genius name, the logistics behind the idea makes absolute sense to me as someone who has combination skin. Mix & match products to fit your personal skin concerns for the ultimate facial!

Image: PopSugar

Exhibit (A):
My T-Zone should have an oil-spill hazard sign whereas my chin shrivels up like a desert throughout the day. The heavy baggage under my eyes should also be diminished!
Solution (A):

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Freeman Facial Clay Mask Mint & Lemon (150ml), RM23.21, Available at Watsons.

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