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Why Gucci’s Latest Fragrance ‘Bloom’ Has Quickly Become Our Favourite Scent

There’s something so powerful about a scent. While it may seem like magic, it comes down to science — our olfactory senses are the ones most closely linked to memory, so a simple whiff of a flower, scented candle or perfume can instantly transport you to your first encounter or memory of that smell. (But when your heart goes all a-flutter when you catch a scent of his cologne? That’s magic and biology combined…)

A fearlessly feminine fragrance created and designed for the first time by Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele, this uplifting floral scent blooms forth with the most carefully chosen ingredients: tuberose, jasmine and Rangoon Creeper. If the last flower doesn’t ring a bell, it’s a rare species from South India that’s being used in perfumery for the first time. As it matures it changes colour from a pale pink to a dark red, signifying the intensity of its scent heightening.

Crafted by Michele in collaboration with famed perfumer Alberto Morillas and inspired by the multi-faceted nature of women. Gucci Bloom also smells more than just a scent — it translates to an adventure of its own that celebrates the modern young woman. Encased in a beautiful, minimalistic bottle, you’re sure to love the sweet, floral-powdery scent that’s feminine and captivating.

We’ve asked around, and this is what people love about the fragrance worth splurging on this month.

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blooming BAE

“I tend to stay away from too-sweet scents, but this has the perfect balance of being fresh, powder but still floral. It’s not too sickeningly-sweet that it’s hard to wear — versatile for those mornings or even at night. I especially love the jasmine notes and how it leaves behind a hint of musk after I’ve worn it a while. I do like how it smells after a few hours; it’s subtle yet so feminine. ”

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