Hair Lengths To Start Wearing For 2017

One blink of an eye and it’s already the end of the year! I’m a big lover of the Christmas season, so it’s pretty standard of my excitedly anticipating the wonders of winter by June each year.

However, I never realise how close it is to a new beginning until we hit the month of December; when reflection upon our progression as human beings come into play, and we will ourselves to make personal change for the better – inside and out! Here are different hair lengths you can start rocking as we come into 2017.

1. Horse Mane

I can totally understand your attachment to your hair. After having done an undercut, then shaving my head totally bald, I had a sudden new found appreciation for hair (btw, it’s entirely true that bald people can feel everything). This is probably the easiest hair length to achieve, but the most tedious and time consuming – ’cause you have to wait for it to grow! There are so many possibilities with long, long hair though; it’s true what they say! The only real con about having horse mane hair, is that it can be a giant heat blanket across your head, neck, and back in our humidity – rain or shine!

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2. The Shoulder Length

Probably one of my favourites, because this length is neither here nor there. You can have it touching your shoulders, or sweeping slightly below (I know how much an inch can make a difference to the pain in your heart). It’s an achievable length to grow out, especially if you’re the type that takes over 2 years to grow an inch or two of hair. Your styling variations are slightly more limited, but depending on your cut, can do wonders in framing your face, and giving you that extra edge to complete your look.


3. The Shawtee

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. SOZ, I really couldn’t help but spell it that way. The OG bob cut, the pixie, the so much more! Short hairstyles are really unlimited. The only issue is that you’re gonna have to really trust your stylist. It’s a lot of commitment and trust with this one, but if you find a style cut that you’re confident you’ll rock, it’ll be so worth it; washing and drying your hair will be a breeze!

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Ready to take a leap?