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Hairspirations For Your 2017 Mane Makeover

You know the saying – new year, new hair! Besides giving you a feeling of a fresh start, a major hair makeover can also mysteriously boost your confidence levels and give you a spring in your step. If you haven’t gotten your 2017 locks yet, or have no clue what you can do, we’ve scoured the realms of Instagram to compile some real-people makeovers with that “wow” factor to give you a little hairspiration!

Colour Shocker

Give your locks a slice of the ombre pie in colours other than the usual brown, grey or ash. You’ll make a statement anywhere you go!

Red waves magically transforms you into a mermaid, and just in time for Chinese New Year too!

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Being a unicorn is still in style for 2017, of course. Think hidden rainbow roots if your workplace doesn’t allow for such bold displays (meh!).

The Big Chop

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Save those little snips and trims for another year. If you’ve been growing out your hair forever, now’s the time to turn heads with that pixie cut you’ve always been eyeing!

A wavy bob or lob is oh-so-chic. A-listers such as Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift and Rachel McAdams have pulled them off to perfection, and you can too!

Take a weight off your shoulders and look ultra swank all in one big cut!

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Call to Extension

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Extensions can perform miracles. If you’ve been trying everything to get your hair to grow longer faster, well, here’s a surefire method (wink!). Now, time to get down to business styling it anyway you want!

Go from normal to va-va-voom with a change in both length and style!

Save lifeless or uneven hair with extensions of any length, and throw in a brand new colour while you’re at it!

Catch the Waves

Tousled waves and colour correction can wondrously turn dry hair into something straight out of a whimsical movie.

Have brittle or unmanageable locks but you still love, love, love the feel of it down your back?  The right colour, texture and treatments can save it! Back to being Rapunzel, now.

The secret to that gorgeous 3D effect? Highlights and lowlights.

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