11 Haze-Proof Skin And Hair Products You Need Right Now

If you're in the Klang Valley, you'll notice that the haze has been terrible lately and in the past week, the air quality index for areas in Sarawak have been recorded as "very unhealthy".

At the time of writing this, the AQI in KL is 152, and unhealthy.

According to The Star, an API reading of between 0 and 50 is categorised as good, between 51 and 100 (moderate), between 101 and 200 (unhealthy), between 201 and 300 (very unhealthy) and more than 301 (dangerous).

You probably don’t want to bust out your N95 just yet if the situation doesn’t call for it, but it’s never too late to start taking special care of your health (drink lots of water!) and skin before the air quality gets worse.

Other than making your eyes water and harming your airways (urgh), haze and pollution can also wreak havoc on your skin. You'll want to stay indoors for most of the time but if you need to go out and about and you just don't have any other choice, build your skin's resilience and also try these haze- or pollution-proof haircare.

Even when the air clears, any urbanite can benefit from these!

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amp it up with ampoules

Our urban life is hostile to skin’s health. Pollution, toxins, chemicals in our environment combined with the stress of our day-to-day lives can accelerate skin ageing and cause invisible micro-damages beneath the skin’s surface.

Biotherm’s new Life Plankton Night & Day Ampoules, RM260 (20ml) are the micro, targeted solutions to this: Life Plankton and the skincare’s patented bioscience probiotic helps defend and repair over-solicited skin while bio-fermented hyaluronic acid is able able to hold 1000 times its weight in water to deeply re-plump skin. Available in day and night ampoules for twice-daily defence.

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