Beauty Breakdown: IN2IT’s Contour Palettes On Different Face Shapes And Skin Tones

If you’ve paid attention to the trends lately, the word ‘natural’ is written all over billboards and in CAPS. Brands have been advocating hard on natural beauty and embracing diversity. A dramatic changeover in the fashion and beauty industry, it seems.

However, due to this idea still being in its infancy, not many are ready to go bare and reveal their insecurities. And if you’re one of them but would like to start off with baby steps like keeping makeup to the minimal, IN2IT products should be your holy grail. Especially their Highlight & Contour Compact and Radiant & Glow Palette, these babies can turn attention from your less confident parts onto your more striking features.

Mind you, this is not just paper talk. We’ve got proof! Three of team CLEO members are here to give you an idea of how the products will look like when applied on different face shapes and skin tones. You’ll be sold.

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Lee Ann               Squarish Round Face      Fair Skin

Face Shape: round but not as long as an oval; a mild boxy jaw


While the rule to contouring is to pick a shade darker than your skin tone, IN2IT’s contour powder from the Highlight & Countour Compact is one that fits all. As seen on Lee Ann, our fashion writer, the dark brown is actually quite easy to pull off. So long as you start gently and slowly build up as you go because the powder is highly pigmented.

Contour along forehead and temples to avoid looking round

Lee Anne’s face shape is a combination of square and round. Hence, similar to contouring a square face, she shaded her jaw and cheeks. The only difference is that instead of the hairline, she focused more on her temples as well as the outer edges of her forehead. She also avoided the chin to give it an elongated and sharper look.

More Highlight on the Cheeks for healthy Glow

As for the highlighters she used, she mixed the white from IN2IT’s Highlight & Contour Compact together with the peach from the Radiant & Glow Palette. Glazing it on the T-zone, the chin and a LOT on the cheeks for that healthy pearlescent glow. On top of that, she dusted some pink highlight on her upper lip to achieve a fuller pout. Undeniably, a much faster and cheaper way than lip fillers!

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