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Everything You Need To Know About H&M’s Fragrance Collection Debut

H&M’s first ever fragrance collection is finally coming to Malaysia this 17th October and it looks like one of the best high street beauty launches this year!

While affordable make-up and body-care have constantly improved their quality to rival that of high end names, fragrances are harder to get right. Creating a beautiful scent is complex — To put forth a scent that’s memorable and distinct requires incredible ingredients like flowers that only bloom in the night or morning dew collected by a fairy’s first born (okay we’re being dramatic, but you get the idea). These expensive, rare notes plus the time it takes to create the perfect scent chemistry takes years of expertise and money, which is why good perfumes often cost a bomb. Cheap scents often smell exactly that: cheap, generic, and mostly of alcohol.

But if there’s any brand that can successfully bridge the gap between accessibility and top notch quality, it’s H&M, as evidenced by their annual designer collabs and Conscious collections. This time, H&M partners with Givaudan to create its Fragrance Collection. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Who’s Givaudan?

The Singles are too cute!

If the name is unfamiliar, it’s because Givaudan are the experts in the ingredients used in fragrances. So while you won’t be spritzing Givaudan directly, chances are your fave perfume contains their ingredients or employs the expert noses of their perfumers. The company dates back to 1768 when it was found in Grasse, France. It’s currently said to be the world’s biggest company in the flavour and fragrance industry.

Givaudan perfumers Olivier Pescheux (he’s behind a lot of Diptyque and Paco Rabanne perfume) and Nisrine Grillié worked with H&M on this collection. “I had the most inspiring time working with H&M and Olivier for this project. It was always going to be a good challenge given the comprehensive range but in the end, I believe the H&M fragrance collection is a beautiful and versatile symphony of fragrances,”said Grillié.

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