Body Odour – Why And How To Get Rid Of It, Pronto!

Please don’t get us wrong. We’re sure that you shower daily and keep your hygiene in check. Still, you can always count on those days where you have to storm out of the house in a rush, forgetting to put on deodorant. Regret catches up with you shortly after when the sun’s shining with no mercy and the pits go on overdrive.

However, sweaty pits is benign in relation to BO; a condition it’s only considered BO once an excessive stink-bomb surpasses the usual release of toxins and maintenance of body temperature.

You’re not alone in this one and you shouldn’t shy away from seeking help!

Body odour often reaches its worst stage when you’re sweating. it’s the process of which bacteria breaks down sweat into acid. Many people who experience or being in close proximity to someone who has BO will definitely say the scent is almost acidic. No exaggeration.

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Why It Happens?

Metabolic conditions like kidney, liver diseases or diabetes can cause a strange odour reaction. According to George Preti, an Organic Chemist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center.

He has also mentioned that it can be stress related as humans produce more apocrine secretions from the apocrine glands in their armpits. It causes an elevation of body odour that may be perceptible to others. Consider taking time off to reduce those stress levels! Leave that extra work load for another day.

How To Get Rid Of It – Like, Now!

Home-Remedies To Try

  • Dust bicarbonate of soda on the problematic area. The powder should absorb moisture, and bicarb also kill odour-causing bacteria.
  • Parsley – The deodorizing effect of the chlorophyll is known to neutralize body odor. Start by steeping a teaspoon of chopped fresh parsley in a cup of boiling water for five minutes. Let it cool a bit before you drink it.
  • Swap a cotton wool pad with vinegar onto your armpits! Warning: Don’t do this freshly-shaved, it might sting!

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