24/7 Hydration For Every Skin Type With Collistar

 Skin types exist on a spectrum. It’s completely normal to have dry skin that gradually gets a little oily throughout the day in certain areas or oily skin that feels dry in A/C conditions. Whatever your skin type, keep it healthy by consistently practicing a solid skincare routine using textures that work for you. Keeping skin hydrated is important for all skin types; drying out oily complexions will only cause it to produce more oil. You can easily determine your skin type by cleansing then leaving your face completely bare for 15-30 minutes and see which one of the three basic skin groups you find most relatable:

Very Dry to Dry: During the 30 minutes, face feels tight and uncomfortable. Bear in mind that dry skin lacks oil, while dehydrated complexions lack water. This means oily/combo complexions can be dehydrated too.

Oily: There’s a hint of shine on your cheeks and T-zone, and you’re likely to be more prone to breakouts. (Signs of ageing show up a lot later though, silver linings!)

Combo: Certain areas of your face are matte, while some bits appear to be shiny.

If you find your skin to be out of balance lately, try going back to basics with products jam-packed with antioxidants that protect and nourishing ingredients that help soothe angry skin. Enter: Collistar Idro-Attiva Line, a range targeted at bringing back hydration with Italian Peony extract as its star ingredient. Packed in millennial pink packaging, Collistar Idro-Attiva is perfect for skincare novices and those looking to simply reset their complexions. They’re not too spendy either, so you don’t have to freak out your credit card!

Check out our full breakdown of the range below. Navigating skincare just got easier.

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Cleanser For all skin types

If oils feel too heavy and regular micellar water leaves you feeling dry, a micellar milk will hit the sweet spot in between. This soothing, silky formula removes make-up and impurities effortlessly. Since there’s no rinsing required, you can easily decant and take on road trips or festivals. The giant bottle will last you ages!

Collistar Idro-Attiva 3-In-1 Micellar Milk, RM89

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