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ICYMI: Things To Know About The Gabrielle Chanel Fragrance

The exclusive Gabrielle Chanel party was more than just any regular after-show party with A-listers on its guest list. It was the celebration of its new fragrance: Gabrielle Chanel. But what is the new fragrance really about? What were they really celebrating? Here, we answer your questions.

Courtesy of Chanel

1. The Gabrielle Chanel is Chanel’s first new scent in 15 years. That’s right. A decade and a half! The previous fragrance, Chanel Chance, was launched back in 2002. If this doesn’t make it a big deal, I don’t know what does.

2.Wait, why ‘Gabrielle’?” you may wonder. Gabrielle Chanel is the founder of Chanel. Ring any bells yet? ‘Gabrielle’ is the birth name of the iconic designer while ‘Coco’ is actually a nickname used by those closest to her (it’d probably be rude if you addressed her directly as Coco back then!)

Courtesy of Chanel

3. Chanel has obviously dedicated the year of 2017 to its founder. We’ve already seen two launches named after her: the Gabrielle bag earlier this April and now the fragrance. Karl Lagerfeld created the bag of the year in the founder’s name–could this be the fragrance of the year, too?

4. The ingredients of the new fragrance are as such: ylang-ylang, jasmine, orange blossom, tuberose, white musk, milky sandalwood, mandarin peel, grapefruit and blackcurrant. I haven’t personally had a whiff of it but I’m guessing (and also referencing from people who have had a sneak sniff) that it’s feminine floral with a hint of citrus. Please don’t take my word for it.

The GABRIELLE CHANEL fragrance. #TheCHANELGABRIELLEfragrance #GabrielleChanel #GabrielleChanelParty

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5. There’s a strong message behind the fragrance. Inspired by the founder’s passionate and courageous personality, the Gabrielle Chanel is for the confident woman who forges her own destiny and refuses to give up. The fragrance, just as Gabrielle herself, encourages women to have faith in who they are and what they are capable of achieving. TBH, just by this empowering message itself makes me feel like I need this in my life.

6. Let’s talk about the party. It was an immersive experience, to say the least. With a hologram display, a maze, a room full of mirrors, air filled with the new fragrance and Pharrell William’s performance, all senses came alive.

7. Some of the guests were Kristen Stewart (because she’s the face of Chanel), Tilda Swinton, Liu Wen, Katy Perry, Cara Delevigne and Zhou Xun.

Courtesy of Chanel

8. The fragrance is set to be launched on September 1st.

Check out the video below for a glimpse of the party!

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