The ‘Ingredients’ For The Best Self Care May Include A Natural Shampoo

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“Love yourself before loving others,” that’s what all self-help books say but exactly how many managed to take time to do it? We know the answer’s gonna be brutal but with social media slowly dragging down people’s confidence, self-love is something we cannot put off anymore. Without it, we’re just going to bash ourselves when we realise we don’t have chopstick thighs or dagger–shaped chin.

Hence, we should start like rn. However, be wary that self-care doesn’t translate to impulsive shopping sprees! While occasional buying pressies for ownself is fine, self-care should be more of a regular thing. Like a pamper sesh, where every part of the body is taken care of. In this article, we’re gonna show you step-by-step how to have the ultimate ‘me time’ routine.

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winding down: Candles & music

No candles for scent? Hair Recipe's natural shampoo smells just as good

Sometimes, you just need to tune out from the real world with the soothing light of a candle. Credit: Pexels/Alesia

The first rule in pamper club is that NO distractions are allowed. So, turn off your phones, dim your lights and fire up some candles. If you’re thinking scents, better go with something that reduces anxiety and stress like ylang-ylang, bergamot and lavender.

And in case you’re on your last burn, pop open Hair Recipe’s apple and ginger natural shampoo. Apparently, ginger eases headaches and relaxes the body. That’s a clever alternative to make do with, especially when you don’t even have essential oil on hand.

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