Learn More About Hair-novation With Dyson

Dyson is no stranger to innovation. The brand itself was born out of engineering and technological out-of-the-box thinking. From decades of developing a vacuum with power that have very few rivals, Dyson took the leap of faith into hair styling which, as we had previously discovered, was not an intuitive transition but something that really filled an odd-shaped gap in the market – hair tools and products that are so effective but don’t use excessive heat to create styles that women (and, possibly men!) love, without long term damage.

And it was by harnessing the power of air.

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Hair is now so integral to their business to the point that they’re almost obsessed with hair. And it’s surprising yet refreshing that the market for hair is now becoming the domain of Dyson. This is because they put hair science first — evident in their outlook of Hair Science 3.0 — where the magic of innovation happens.

We were thrilled to discover that there were more up Dyson’s (air-pocketed) sleeves during a recent trip to Seoul in South Korea – more permutations of attachments for the Dyson Supersonic are already on the market, while there are more attachments for the Airwrap to come out in 2020.

And what other way to disrupt than to join forces with key industry leaders from Korean Beauty –- we also had the pleasure to discover new ways to style hair with from celebrity hair stylist and Dyson Hair Artist Park Je Hee. Sam Kyle Burrowes, Advanced Design Engineer at Dyson, was also present in our regional media briefing and gave us fresh insights into hair science at Dyson.

Read on to see what else is new in vanity air.


Gentle Air Dryer

Because Dyson spends hours and days and weeks examining hair of all kinds — from different textures, types and origins, they understand that there isn’t just one sort of hair type out there. In fact, there’s not even just two, three or four. There are many.

Fine hair and sensitive scalps tend to miss out on the find of hair styling products and tools because of its very nature of being fine, so Dyson speaks to the soul of every fine-haired girl with the brand new Gentle Air Attachment which was made to be kinder to fine hair and sensitive scalps.

The Gentle Air Attachment diffuses the air to create a gentler, cooler airflow which doesn’t stress fine hair out, yet still does the job in drying hair ASAP.

Re-engineered Diffuser

For those with thicker hair, curls, or want to get more volume, the diffuser is reengineered to have longer prongs, and it can be turned while attached to the Supersonic so you can adjust air flow and style to your liking.

Re-engineered Styling Concentrator

Now if you thought that the Supersonic’s airflow was too wide by virtue of its design, say no more because the re-engineered styling concentrator was built to address that. By controlling and narrowing the airflow to the hair, you get to style hair more precisely and way more quickly as well!

Smoothing Nozzle


Did you know that your hair is covered in cuticles? These are like little shells that lift up and down along the hair shaft and the smoothness and sleekness of your hair begins with the cuticles. But when damage occurs or there’s too much hot air or power, it can really affect your hair’s smoothness and shine.

The smoothing nozzle addresses that by smoothing the airflow that comes out of the Supersonic so that your hair has a covetable, smoother, softer finish.

The new attachments for Dyson Supersonic are now sold together with the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. The set is available in Malaysia on shop.dyson.my and Dyson Demo outlets (The Gardens Mall, Queensbay Mall, 1 Utama Shopping Centre) at RM1,799.

See the attachments in action, from Korea!

[UPDATE]: While we at the Hair Science 3.0 event in Seoul, we got insights from a Koren stylist herself on how to use the brand new attachments. See the demo we filmed!

Editor Lina Esa (left) with Celeb Hair Artist Park Je Hee in Seoul

What’s to come for the Airwrap?

We discovered that there were also things in store for the second most strongest hair styling contender — the Airwrap. We absolutely loved the Airwrap and its original attachments but Dyson will level up by bringing longer barrels to the market (why longer? For hair that’s longer of course!) and a narrower brush head.

The longer 30mm and 40mm barrels (four barrels on the left) and the narrower hard brush head (third from right) are going to be new attachments for the Dyson Airwrap in 2020

The longer barrels were made because clients with really long hair realised that they couldn’t use the regular barrels as effectively. The narrower hard brush is also meant for styling short-short hair, like your bangs. It allows you to bring the tool closer to the hair and the scalp.

Sam Burrowes spoke to the media and explained to that the challenge was you require high pressure for the Coanda effect, and the bigger the barrel the lower the pressure, however it was rightly engineered and now, by lengthening the barrel you’re styling more and more hair, thus saving more time. And if you were wondering why your curls don’t “hold” as long with the Airwrap, it’s because you’re not warping or damaging your actual hair. “When you create a more natural finish, it is susceptible to not lasting as long…No extreme heat means hair is healthier, moisture is more likely to enter your hair and make it lose its hold.”

Well, if we’ve learned anything from caring for skin from the inside, the same goes for hair. If hair can stay healthier because we’re not damaging it with high heat, then Dyson’s innovation is on a roll.