Introducing CHANEL’s Le Rouge Crayon De Couleur

Colour is an art, but also a game. A game with only one rule: reinventing the rules.


The rules of the game are to place all your bets on a single colour, trace the contours of a new territory and go outside of the lines without hesitation… CHANEL presents LE ROUGE CRAYON DE COULEUR, the new “lipstick” for total fun and total freedom. A pop pencil redefining the lines of lip makeup to follow your intuition and dare to create your own style and your own rules.


rule #1: Draw on your lips

For all women who accept the colour challenge, LE ROUGE CRAYON DE COULEUR offers the biggest playing field ever for unlimited expression: a game that you win at every time.

Fun and travel-friendly, it unfurls its colour to rewrite the rules of your smile. Shuffle the cards and deal intense vibrant colours that match your every desire, a fine, melt-away texture that is always fair play and an intense satiny makeup result that stays impeccable for hours on end.


Rule #2: Twist & apply

With its elegant black packaging and generous format, LE ROUGE CRAYON DE COULEUR is a beauty revelation. Chic and always ready to use, it slips into the smallest handbag with just one twist to reveal the colour.

Both soft and silky, its texture cleverly glides on and melts onto lips. Application is instinctive and easy. Applying makeup is child’s play.


rule #3: Score points

Comfort, hold and an exemplary uniform finish. Its formula is amazingly sensorial! Soft and perfectly smooth, lips dress up in dazzling colour that lasts for 4 hours.*

The game begins as soon as colour is applied: lips appear 48% smoother and feel 42% more comfortable.** Lips stay smooth and comfortable. Colour intensity and uniformity are also ready to perform like never before.*

*Clinical evaluation of 20 women.
**Self-assessment on 20 women.

SHADES: Nude, Beige Rosé, Rose Violine, Bois de Rose, Rose Clair, Rouge Corail, Framboise, Fushia, Tangerine, Rouge,Carmin, Cassis

rule #4: win every time

LE ROUGE CRAYON DE COULEUR comes in 12 shades with an intense and satiny  finish.

12 pop shades to try without hesitation, because you win every time!

LE ROUGE CRAYON DE COULEUR will be available at all CHANEL counters starting 1 August 2017!