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#IWokeUpLikeThis – The Lazy Girl’s Daily Beauty Guide

These multi-tasking quick-fix products are a godsend if you’re drunk, lazy, exhausted … or all of the above. For all your lazy gals out there, here is a daily beauty guide just for you. While we do love an extensive routine, there’s nothing wrong with keeping things well-edited. Just remember to go to bed and wake up with clean skin, apply SPF diligently and a touch of lippie never hurt nobody.

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A careful edit of the essentials.

Your eyes are already heavy at this point and you just want to crash on your bed. But if you want to skip facing little blemishes in the AM thanks to clogged pores, make sure you remove all traces of make-up with a good, rinse-free micellar water or cleansing oil if you’ve got the energy to rinse.

Then, give a multitasking serum like L’Occitane Immortelle Reset a go. It’s a facial oil in serum with marjoram and Jmmortelle Essential oil extracts  to keep your skin hydrated and combats the effects of pollution to promote radiance the morning after!

Opt for light, no-nonsense moisturiser to finish your skincare routine. Curel makes a great gel-lotion moisturiser that’s delicate enough for sensitive skin and won’t feel greasy on combination-oily skin. There’s also a heavier version in the range if you’re prone to dry skin.

Laneige Perfect Makeup Cleansing Water, RM90; L’occitane Immortelle Reset, RM248; Curel Intensive Moisture Care Gel-Lotion, RM42 at Watsons

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