#TeamCLEO Tries: K-Hair Treatments At Leekaja Beauty Salon

Leakaja Beauty Salon in Robinsons, has an indoor/automotive garden concept that’s totally unique

When Leekaja Beauty Salon opened at Robinsons @ Four Seasons Place Kuala Lumpur , it was to much fanfare and excitement. Not only did it offer a super-gorgeous spot to do your hair and all your self-pampering (we mean, just look at the photos), it brought with it the legacy of Madam Leekaja from Korea and its worldwide expertise and appeal. 

You HAVE to stop by to see the unique garden/automotive theme for this beauty salon which has never been done before. Pretty enough to Instagram!

Leekaja was formed in 1972 in South Korea by Madam Leekaja, and has since expanded to 200 branches worldwide. Beyond its unusual interior, the services and treatments also go beyond convention. Experts from Korea are there to manage your mane, and you can choose from a full service menu for hair, face, lashes and nails. 

You can view all the services offered here.

So to see if we were going to be official converts to K-hair, we decided to try two different treatments to treat different hair types to see the results. To sum up, we were pretty impressed with the outcomes, and will definitely come back for follow-ups, and more. 

Did we mention, that on top of all the full services they offer, there is also a cafe that fully services your tummy too? You can order your favourite coffees, hot drinks and indulge in a Korean dessert or snack as well. Super bonus! 


Treatment 1: Colouring plus 5-Step Intensive Treatment

Reviewer: Lina Esa
Concern: Dry ends, outgrown colour

This was the reviewer, before. Dry ends, flyaways, lacklustre to no shine…

“The 5-Step Treatment was prescribed for my fine, colour-treated hair and fried ends. Mine started with a thorough cleansing, then a scalp treatment. The stylist added collagen to my strands, tapping hard to revive the hair. After steaming, my hair looked renewed. It was silkier, softer, and months later I still feel my hair is at its healthiest.”

Fresh from the salon. We got it a little darker, and hair was immediately lighter, shinier, and more full of life. But enough of that…


This is our hair 6 months after the treatment, with minimal effort and upkeep. Hair is still light, bouncier and healthier. Love it!

Treatment 2: Cinderella Treatment

Reviewer: Vanessa Lim
Concern: Frizzy hair, dry ends

Pre-treatment, getting done-up by Leekaja Carmen — look for her if you want soft silky hair and also seamless balayage.

“I call this treatment Botox for my hair, perfect for my frizzy roots. It smooths the hair, filling the porosity of your hair that causes tangles, frizz and breakage. After washing my hair clean, the stylist massaged the treatment cream into my roots and hair. (It has onion extract so don’t be surprised if you find your eyes watering!) My hair was smooth and frizz-free for months, with the right home care!”

Post treatment. Always having thick and frizzy hair due to the humid weather in Malaysia, the Cinderella Treatment was a life saviour! We love! 

This is our hair 3 months after the treatment, blow drying is a lot quicker and also no ironing needed here!

Find Leekaja at G5-9, Robinsons, Shoppes at Four Seasons Place, KL. Book appointments via 012-833 0040 or [email protected]