Make Sekkisei Essential Souffle The One For Soft Skin — Here’s Why

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Your ideal skin in a few words. Go! All we want and need is soft and supple skin for days! Even if this means testing a sea of skincare products that may turn out to be a flop. Living in Malaysia, with the humidity and bad weather conditions, you would want a product that retains moisture and melts right into the skin without leaving any sticky residue.

What if we say that you can get soft, hydrated and bright skin all from ONE product — the Sekkisei Essential Souffle. Scroll on to find out why this product got us wanting for more!

All smiles and bright skin on Christina, Katherine and Athina after using the Sekkisei Essential Souffle.

What’s it made of?

While the Sekkisei Essential Souffle bottle is simple and sleek, it is formulated with Asian plant extracts and SEKKISEI’s original technology to help you achieve luminous skin. The luxurious blend of Asian plant extracts were inspired by traditional Shiunko, which is an ancient folk medicine made mainly from Asian plants to treat injuries.

The main Asian plant extracts used in this product is the Lithospermum root extract that is indigenous to Japan since ancient times. It helps skin to remain unaffected by the harsh environment that could easily dry out the skin.

The other key ingredient would be sesame oil which is a powerful and moisturising oil that is extracted from sesame seeds, containing sesamin. The extracts in the oil tightens and clears up the complexion of the skin.

Sekkisei Essential Souffle, RM153

like a splash of water

Upon application, Essential Souffle forms two effective layers which is a Souffle Sensation Oil Layer for silky smoothness, and a Hydration Supply Oil Layer for lasting hydration. This 2-layer sealing formula seals your skin with moisture and without a sticky residue. With SEKKISEI’s skin catch dispersion technology, a thin membrane that covers these two layers to ensure these oils are distributed and quickly absorb into the skin!

souffle-LIke skin?

The non-sticky Sekkisei Essential Souffle is super easy to use! Just simply take 1 or 2 pumps onto your palm/cotton pad and gently massage it into your skin. It is the perfect emulsion for you to use daily that helps moisturises your skin without leaving any sticky residue.

It permeates into the skin almost as though its melting into every recess of stratum corneum (the outermost layer of your skin) when applied. It helps retain more moisture and keeps your skin smooth even after a whole day of being out! Best part of this technology is that it leaves no sticky residue on your face because it’s lightweight and absorbed almost immediately. #win

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