[EXCLUSIVE] Celeb Makeup Artist Morgane Martini On Best Picks For Eye Looks

There’s just so much to love about beauty. And while looking back on the year that was, 2019 actually was a pretty beautiful year when it came to gorgeous, dewy skin, perfectly painted pouts, and a LOT of focus on the eyes. With graphic liners and foil lids, eye looks on the runway have been directional, and eye looks on Insta have been so so wearable.

Case in point — the inimitable Lila Moss (yes, the daughter of Kate Moss!) in THIS look that’s just breathtaking, using Marc Jacobs Beauty products.

The artist behind that beautiful look is none other than Morgane Martini, who is the Global Artistry Ambassador for Marc Jacobs Beauty. We had a one-on-one chat with this extremely talented make-up artist to the stars who has our hearts fluttering just looking at all the make-up looks on her Insta-feed.

We find out how it’s like to be a Marc Jacobs Beauty Artistry Ambassador, her top picks to get the best eye look and what was her favourite make-up moments.

“I think makeup is all about balance. It should look effortless, no matter how complicated it actually is.”

Hi Morgane! Tell us how it has been, being a makeup artist for esteemed magazines and also being the Global Artistry Ambassador for Marc Jacobs Beauty.

I feel very lucky of where I am in my career and all the amazing people I get to work with. Being a Marc Jacobs Beauty Artistry Ambassador was a dream come true for me and I have been loving every minute of my journey with the brand so far. It’s really fun for me at this point because I work with people that let me be creative and that’s the best gift. I never feel that I have to “work,” I am mostly enjoying myself!

What is your must-have product from Marc Jacobs Beauty?

If I have to choose just one, I would say Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara! It’s such an iconic product from Marc Jacobs Beauty.

Every time I use it on someone they usually comment on how amazing it looks and how much volume it gives their lashes. It’s a great product that I use literally every day!

Would you usually reach for pencil eye-liners or water-based eye-liners in order to create that perfect wing? 

I use both! I love using the Marc Jacobs Beauty’s Fineliner Ultra-Skinny Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner for precision. It glides on perfectly for a flawless application and stays in place all day.

For razor sharp liner, I recommend our new Highliner Liquid-Gel Eyeliners, they are the best! They are so pigmented, and the applicator allows you to achieve the perfect cat eye. They are by far the longest wearing, waterproof liquid liners I have ever used!

Could you give us one tip/advice that you stand by when creating the perfect eye look?

I think makeup is all about balance. It should look effortless, no matter how complicated it actually is.

My tip to creating the perfect eye is to keep it simple. If you do a colorful Smokey eye, don’t use too many colors at once. Try to use one to two colors and play with different textures – shiny, glittery, matte and glossy. In terms of products, a little goes a long way, so don’t overflow your brush with pigment and instead build the intensity slowly. It’s always easier to add more than to remove!

With the holiday season coming up, how would you achieve your holiday glam looks using the latest liquid highliners? 

I have been playing with graphic shapes and different colors with the new Highliner Liquid-Gel Eyeliners! There are so many ways to pair them and have fun. I love to use Blacquer and layer with a metallic shade like Glamaroon , Gold Getter or Silver Lining. There are endless possibilities, you can use them alone, do a double liner, or pop them in the inner corners of your eyes. I post a lot of images of different ways to play with them and I think it’s something new and festive for the holiday season.

With neon and coloured eyeliners coming up as a trend these days, what would you say is your most-reached colour to incorporate in your everyday look?

I would say that burgundy color is a great one on every skin color. The Highliner Liquid-Gel Eyeliner in shade Glamaroon has such a beautiful metallic finish and the color makes any eyes pop!

Just a simple line with this colour is a very fun yet simple way to incorporate colours in your daily makeup routine. Definitely a must!

If you’re rushing out the door and you still want to look like you’ve spent time on your makeup, what are the products you use to help you?

I have turned into a pro for doing my makeup in a rush on taxi rides! I always have my Accomplice Concealer & Touch-Up Stick and the Instant Blurring Beauty Powder in my bag as well as Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara.

I use the Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner in Brownie to create a Smokey eye in seconds with just blending it with my fingers and top it off with Glow Stick for a shiny eyelid. All of these are staples in my makeup bag and have been my go-tos at all occasions.

What is the one look that you would want to create but haven’t gotten the chance to do so?

Such a hard question! I don’t always plan in advance for makeup, I work a lot in the moment.

There are definitely some makeup ideas I have in mind that are more conceptual and hope to do soon. I get a lot of my inspiration from my travel and surroundings. I’m going to Japan this December and am so excited to experience this new environment and find new inspiration for my future projects.

“I don’t always plan in advance for makeup, I work a lot in the moment.”

Out of all the A-listers that you’ve worked with, which would you say was the fondest memory that you have?

I have been so lucky to work with a lot of amazing talented people and picking only one is impossible. But, I will always have a special sweet spot for Ashley Graham for her humility and her kindness. I recently worked with Halsey who happened to be one of the most humble and crazy talented people ever!

With the humid weather in Malaysia, what is the one tip you would give in terms of keeping our makeup base put and non-greasy at the end of the day?

Try and avoid oil-based moisturisers. I would keep the base as light as possible and recommend micro-concealing trouble areas instead of applying a full face of foundation, concealer and powder.

The more you put on your skin, the oilier it tends to get – especially in humid weather. You can also get a primer that will help keep your skin matte throughout the day. I love using Under(cover) Blurring Coconut face primer, it controls the shine and blurs your imperfections and pores! It’s the perfect base for humid weather and oily skin.