Malaysian Beauty Brands: Naturally Handmade

If you love multi-functional products, look no further than Naturally Handmade.

Founded by Bavani Gopala Krishnan, Naturally Handmade offers body and skincare products formulated without parabens and are primarily vegan – save for a couple of lip products and they’re made so you can be creative and use them in a variety of ways. From body scrubs that’ll have you feeling softer than soft and an aloe vera salve that does everything but your taxes, there’s really something for everyone.

We caught up with the founder to get the 411 on the brand.

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Pop-up booth (Image: Naturally Handmade)

Why did you decide to create your own line?

It took time but eventually I realised eating healthy wasn’t enough for a healthy living. Instead, using natural skincare without carcinogens gives the perfect balance your body needs. It takes time for you to see the differences with natural cosmetics yet it’s safe, free from parabens and carcinogens – that silently takes a toll on your health. Having to use and spend a huge sum of money in a span of 10 years on cosmetics and skincare, I finally realised the best skincare is the skincare handmade by yourself as you’d be able to administer the right ingredients used and ensure its safety for you and your loved ones.

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Tell us more about the brand philosophy.

Naturally Handmade’s brand philosophy is to help the general public learn and understand the importance of using the right, quality products on your skin. We are not stopping on just producing and selling our products but we are expanding to promoting classes where each individual would be able to create their own skincare in the future.

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