Here’s To Smelling Luxe For Less With Local Perfume Brand 8TO8

Want to envelope yourself in luxurious scents, without the hefty price tag? Try 8TO8.

We use perfumes for many reasons, the most obvious one being to smell good. Different fragrances also affect our emotions; certain notes make us feel powerful, while others make us feel cozy, playful or sensual. They are also strongly associated with memories, some good, and some that we’d rather forget (remember that one ex who wore a wildly popular perfume that takes you right back to that period in time?).

While anyone can drop by a department store to test out the offerings, it’s a little bit harder to take one special bottle back with you. Due to the high-quality, sometimes rare, ingredients used to produce top secret formulas, perfumes can be expensive. 

Inspired by Cartier Rose, a fresh fragrance with citrus, floral, woody, spicy and green notes

However, there are some alternatives while you’re trying to figure out how to #MakeThatBread. Enter 8TO8, a local company that produces perfumes that make the luxe available for less. Starting out about 5 years ago as perfume traders, 8TO8 recently made the leap to producing perfumes for the Malaysian and regional markets.

According to the founders, they have a strong research and development team that works tirelessly to produce a finished product that smells and behaves like the original. They know that perfumes and fragrances are a luxuriant aspect of getting ready for the day.

                                Primp like a lady

Over the years, they have produced scents, with their interpretations ending up comparable to their counterparts: each scent has the top, middle and base notes that can remind you of the originals, and invoke the memories and feelings you may associate with them.

Spritz on to feel lighter!

8TO8 has one simple mission, to help people experience luxury at an affordable price. And just for you, our beloved CLEO readers, 8TO8 is offering discounts on their regular and premium ranges from 15 May 2019 to 15 June 2019.

Everyone loves a great bargain.

Through this promotion, regular perfumes can be purchased at RM60 per bottle, including postage (NP: RM73) and premium perfumes can be purchased at RM 80 per bottle, including postage (NP: RM 93).

Click here to check out their offerings and order yours today!

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