Four Women Share Their 10-Year Hair Journey In This Inspiring #10YearHairChallenge

What's in a mane? We sat down with these four women who shared their #10YearHairChallenge photos and spoke about their hair journeys in this special Philips Hair Talks. 

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It would be hard to deny that for most of us, our hair is our crowning glory. Our hair is so much a part of us -- it’s so wrapped up in our identity that sometimes, we don’t realise that our hair also grows with us and changes as we go through the phases of our lives.

Just like we might remember major milestones in our lives, in between, in and out, our hair is there with us (even if it is wrapped under a hijab!). You’ll probably remember that terrible hair colour you’ve ever done – even more so than your first kiss. You’ll remember that day you got “The Rachel” ‘do or the most amazing balayage -- probably even more than the details of what happened during prom or your first day of work.

It really is just all about how you felt in that given moment. And speaking about our hair can evoke so much emotion. 

So, taking on the #10YearChallenge that was all over social media, we spoke to four ladies about a #10YearHairChallenge to see where their hair was back then, their 10 year hair journey since then, and how their hair is now. We mean, if our hair could speak, imagine the things it would say!

Hit play on the video below to hear from the ladies themselves, and scroll through to see their stories.

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embracing her real hair and self – ammelya anvar 

For Ammelya Anvar, 24, she loved her style ten years ago but has now fully embraced her hair’s natural volume and curls — and never loved it more.

For those who lived through the ’90s and early noughties, you were probably pressured by mainstream images of girls with pin-straight hair. In an instance of “the grass is always greener”, someone who had beautiful curly locks like Ammelya straightened her hair to oblivion just so she could get the style she coveted. “Those days, straight hair was the thing! It was like, if you had straight hair, you are ‘pretty’,” Ammelya confirmed. “And because it was straight, it was so easy to maintain. I didn’t have to do too much about it,” she said.

After a while, though, the amount of processing, rebonding and chemicals took its toll on her hair and Ammelya was tired of it all. She decided to go back to her natural state but it wasn’t without its struggles. “The saddest moment was when I was transitioning from straight hair to curly hair, and I was letting it grow out. It was curly on top and straight on the bottom and I had just started college. People would ask me questions about my hair and it affected my self esteem,” she shared with #TeamCLEO. “It was hard for me to stay confident,” she said about the experience.

Five years in, her beautiful curls are wild and carefree, just like her!

Now that you look at her beautiful locks in all its curly and voluminous glory, it’s hard to imagine that experience. It has been five years since she embraced the curl! “I feel so good about it. I’m now confident to have it curly in its most natural state,” she explained.  “Now I get so many compliments, everyone is so surprised with how I pull off my hair. I’m so proud that I can maintain this hair,” she said. In this Instagram era where everyone is all for #BodyPositivity, Ammelya perfectly embodies #HairPositivity.

While she admits she doesn’t do much to maintain her mane, she needs a reliable hairdryer so it can dry quickly and maintain its moisture so hair doesn’t frizz.

Surprisingly, Ammelya doesn’t need much to maintain her hair — just the basics. But the one thing she really, really needs? “Because my hair is so big and long, I need to dry it properly because if not, I’ll get headaches. That’s when a proper hairdryer comes in,” she revealed. To maintain the look of her curls and so it doesn’t “pouf” up and become unmanageable, the hairdryer needs to be built with the proper type of diffuser and moisture protect system.

“Because my hair is so big and long, I need to dry it properly because if not, I’ll get headaches.”

That’s why the Philips DryCare Prestige MoistureProtect Hairdryer is perfect for Ammelya’s type of hair. Its MoistureProtect tech keeps the hair’s natural moisture in place (so the curls’ integrity isn’t affected), it also has ionic care to eliminate static and frizz, and ThermoProtect makes sure that the air doesn’t get too hot — it stays the perfect temperature for hair. It’s effective, yet gentle.

Hear from Alia and Ammelya about what they need most for their haircare needs.

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