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Which Mascara Brush Wand Is For You?

The first make-up product I ever purchased was a Maybelline mascara when I was 15 years old. I thought I knew what I was doing (basically, I grabbed the first tube that I saw) when I chose my mascara but boy, was I wrong!

That’s literally what I looked like the first time I tried on the mascara, cringe.

The thing is, I have really short eyelashes and they grow straight down (#AsianProblems), and I wish I had a guide on choosing the right mascara to enhance my lashes.

So to help all the first timers out there, as well as those who’ve been buying the wrong one for years, here’s a list of the types of mascara wands and how to use them:

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Comb Wand

This wand does as it’s named, it combs your eyelashes through with the mascara liquid while giving your lashes that va-va-volume. Beware — there is a chance that your eyelashes will turn out clumpy if you over-coat them.


3CE Variety Moving Mascara, RM93. Available at Sephora.

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