Meet The Faces Of The New Bulgari Omnia Pink Sapphire Fragrance

What was it like to discover the new Bulgari Omnia Pink Sappire Fragrance, its notes, and basking in the presence of Margaret Zhang for five minutes? Find out.

Pink is such a laden colour. It’s immediately associated with the saccharine of youth: the soft baby shades marketed to girls in tutus, and the hot neons to match her dolls. The tooth-numbing fluff of funfair cotton candy, and the delicate petals of a flower first in bloom. It’s not often that pink, as a colour, is seen as anything outside the subset of sweet innocence.

But think about when a tropical paradise sky is awash in the soft shades of sunset. It’s those stolen moments and gradations of hazy pinks and blues that colour a balmy, picture-worthy evening. Then there’s the heady flush of a passionate kiss, the salty glow of a rose quartz  lamp, or a lip-smacking Rosé. A pink sapphire is also a chosen stone of a sophisticate. The colour pink represents a multi-sensorial journey, which is exactly the backdrop of the Bulgari Omnia Pink Sapphire.

A fragrance that’s named after the pink precious gem which is multi-faceted and one-of-a-kind, Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas dared and went a route less travelled. Rather than bursts of florals or berries which would not be true to a Bulgari signature, the Omnia Pink Sapphire is an exotic scent that’s spicy, peppery yet versatile and not overpowering. Therein lies the magic: “It is the fragrance of dream and escape,” says its creator, Alberto Morillas. It also envisions the wearer to try all things bold — to dare to run, jump, and dive into every day.

The fragrance and its notes

The new Bulgari Omnia Pink Sapphire (65ml), RM341 (also available in a 40ml size, RM276)

Young, pink and feminine = overly sweet, and possibly too “girly”? Not this time. This elixir instead opens with the effervescence of citrusy pink pomelo with pink pepper, then whisks you to Tahiti and Polynesia thanks to its use of the solar frangipani and wild tiara flower in its heart. It dries down to a musky, woody base that’s subtle yet warm.

With just one spritz (and after having worn it for days in a row), we found that it’s actually  the spiciness of the fragrance that sets it apart from anything else you’ve smelled. It’s not too sweet, and its citrusy-peppery tang is something that’s sophisticated yet irreverent. An alluring finishing touch for when you’re feeling adventurous.

the faces

How else would you embody a daring new fragrance, if not with some of the world’s most powerful influencers? The Bulgari Omnia Pink Sapphire is introduced with a bang — with the likes of Amanda Steele, Madison Beer and Margaret Zhang. In this buzzy, high-energy campaign video, you follow this #squad as they get ready for the party of the year. Hit play to see how it all came together:

Why were they chosen? These fearless young faces are the bold spirits of the scent. The precocious and preternaturally daring spirits saw what they loved, what they were good at, and just went for it. Now, they’re taking the world by influence. Swipe to learn more about these ambassadresses.

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Meet The Influencer: Margaret Zhang

When she was 16, Sydney-sider Margaret Zhang already had a vision of how the world was going to be, and had already started building her folio. In 2009 she was shooting, styling, and putting her natural flair on- and off-camera to use. Even as a teen, her images caught the eye of some of the biggest names in the industry, and she eased into Instagram Influencer status with her unique brand of flatlays and shoots.

Margaret Zhang, the Sydney-born creative who’s a visionary in front of and behind a camera. In our opinion, she was the OG influencer — the very first who popularised flatlays!

During the #JustDareBulgari event held right here in Kuala Lumpur, Margaret herself was flown in and launched the fragrance with a bang!

Margaret Zhang was the VIP Guest of the night, as we got to know a little about her, and she took pictures with the crowd. Spot CLEO’s Ed in the reflection (far left!)

Margaret Zhang made her entrance and had a quick fire round with the emcee. The first thing she does when she wakes up? “100 squats — so at least I know I woke up and achieved something!” The one thing she doesn’t leave home without: “My camera. Because you just never know when a moment needs to be captured. And her guiltiest pleasure? “My brother’s matcha cake” — to which she attests you can eat the whole thing in one sitting. Our mouths salivated!

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