The Must-Have Fragrance To Gift Yourself This Holiday Season

All throughout 2017, you’ve made the mistake of putting others before yourself. Mistake or not, for some of you, it’s just your nature – you can’t help but put others before yourself because you’re selfless like that.

‘Tis the season of giving, but instead of putting way more thought into other people, spend a little more time on the most important person in the world – you. Start by doing things that you want; take up a hot yoga class, learn to kick-box or book a holiday and just go. All those things that you put on hold because you were unsure what others would say or think; just do it.

Take a tentative step into your new-found selfishness and gift yourself something special. What better than #TeamCLEO’s must-have fragrance, the new Gucci Bloom. With its strong jasmine influence, you can be sure that you’ll be smelling sweet and saccharine, and every experience you have while wearing this fragrance is sure to be a wonderful memory.

An empowering fragrance with a unique touch, Gucci Bloom contains Rangoon Creeper, a rare floral find from South India. The Rangoon Creeper is making its first fragrance debut, and we’re already in love with it.

Indulging this holiday season should be your top priority and what better way to do so then with this blush pink, palm-sized wonder complete with a porcelain-like finish. Although it is made of glass, this sturdy bottle is made for every woman. Whip it out for any special occasion – meetings, important dinners, date night, weddings… Gucci Bloom will be your go-to scent.

As they say, an everlasting scent leaves an everlasting impression on anyone you meet for the first time.

Gucci Bloom retails at RM299 for 30ml, RM378 for 50ml and RM510 for 100ml.

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