MAKE UP FOR EVER X Icona Pop X Colby Smith means super-bold looks

Some days, you just wake up and think “I wanna go bold today,” and boy, do we have just the thing to satiate that need. Three mega names have come together to let loose some amazing lip colours for us to play with, and we’re just lovin’ the outcome!

MAKE UP FOR EVER, dynamic music duo Icona Pop and well-loved makeup artist Colby Smith have merged the world of music and makeup to reveal the Artist Rouge lipstick line. The vibrant range of 46 shades is not for the faint-hearted; they reflect Icona Pop’s exuberant personalities with inspiration from electro house, punk and indie pop music. These babies are also built to resist the extreme conditions of live performances and stay on comfortably, making them perfect for surviving our Malaysian weather (oh, yeah!).

Makeup is so important for us when we are on stage, to do something fun for people. You can become a superwoman with just some blush and a black lipstick. We express ourselves through music—but also through how we dress and how we wear our makeup. MAKE UP FOR EVER is perfect for us because it’s edgy and cool—plus there are so many different colours to play with! Icona Pop

You’ll be spoilt for choice with 31 cream shades and 15 matte shades to pick from. In fact, the I Love It singers has combined forces with MAKE UP FOR EVER and Colby Smith for all their artistic creations and stage performances. Check out the music video, Emergency, they co-created below, which shows the transformative power of their line of lippies!


Psst… MAKE UP FOR EVER is releasing two limited edition shades (that you’ll see in the music video) with the Icona Pop signature! Go for Caroline’s velvety matte deep red (#M401) or Aino’s creamy dark blue (#C603).