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Nail It! Here Are The 13 Nail Art Inspo For Your Festive Manicure

Compiled by Inaara Busari

There’s a dilemma we all face when getting a manicure, and the pressure is even more intense when your nails are getting done when it’s a festive season. The questions we ask ourselves sound like: “Do I match my nails to the colour of my clothes?” or “Do I play it safe by choosing a neutral shade?” or even “Should I just get them buffed?”

Well fret not, frown not (can we make this an actual saying?). This Lunar New Year and for February we’re thinking outside the box by giving you nail inspo that doesn’t have to be the traditional red, white, pink or super girly. Scroll down to check out 13 nail art designs that we’re currently vibing with. Life hack also, screenshot the ones you really <3 and show it to your manicurist! 

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What’s totally true about these glitter picks is that they all belong in one palette. Let’s be real, the allure of colours like mauve or faded mocha is that they look sophisticated, but also hints that the girl whose nails these belong to is sexy.

Bring these bad boys (your hands la, don’t fight me on this) to an open house near you, and be prepared for the grudging approval from all your jealous aunties!


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