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Nail Your At-Home Pedicure With These Simple Steps

People don’t notice a sloppy nail job? Think again. A pedicure isn’t just a manicure for your feet — it’s a whole different operation altogether. Tear out this page, and keep it in your bathroom drawer for quick reference!


After being out and about in the scorching sunny weather, your feet may get all sweaty. A good soak will help soften your skin and get rid of dirt so the clean-up process can really begin.

Remove dead skin cells by working a pumice stone or foot file over the soles, heels and sides of your feet. Finish by liberally applying an exfoliating foot cream.

EXPERT TRICK: Create your own spa experience by squeezing fresh grapefruit juice into the soaking water. It’ll rejuvenate your senses and the natural acids will work to help shed dead skin cells. For a relaxing finish, roll your feet over a tennis ball to relieve muscle tension.


The ideal toenail shape is a square with the outer corners gently rounded off. Remember to only file in one direction to avoid weakening the nail.

Also, never cut your cuticles — they act like an armour by preventing bacteria from entering the body. Instead, push them back when the skin is soft.

EXPERT TRICK: When you file your nails, make short, quick strokes in one direction across the top of each nail. Clean any nail residue out from beneath each toenail.


If you’re scared to try bright eyes or hot-hued lipstick, try experimenting on your nails instead. Make your toes a talking point and release your inner wild child by swiping on an outrageous colour.

The secret to extending a pedi is to run the brush along the top edge of your nail. Remember, toenails take longer to dry than fingernails, so wait a few hours before slipping your feet into sheets, socks or closed shoes.

EXPERT TRICK: If you’re right-handed, avoid smudging the polish with the side of your hand by painting your left foot from the little toe to the big toe.

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