Beauty Breakdown: Nars Powermatte Liquid Lip Pigment

Working at a magazine like CLEO, the amount beauty products that make their way to our are countless. We don’t really want to make anyone jealous, but it’s literally a beauty junkie’s dream come true. It’s all work, though, and how we run our awards and test and try and judge the best products in the market.

But when the Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment came, it took everything I had not to shout about it from the rooftops (or post about it all over social media). Mainly because the information was confidential until a certain date. As a publishing professional, I of course obliged.

But it didn’t mean that I didn’t crack right into my stash straight away and secretly swatch my way through the tubes. And I chose the most amazing blue-undertoned red lippie to ever grace my make-up arsenal or make its way across my mouth.

Now that the Powermatte is on sale in full force, I’m going to say all this and more.

This liquid matte lipstick lasted through a 13-course meal and I was shooketh. SHOOKETH. 

Behold the red shade that’s not too red for my yellowy skin tone. The secret, girls? BLUE undertones. See the texture and payoff?

Just lay your eyes on that colour pay-off. At this point, I just have to say, excuse the low-quality selfie. As I was using this liquid matte lipstick for leisure reasons, I didn’t realise that I would be doing a lipstick review. But it was THAT GOOD. I just had to write something about it.  Go figure.

I was rushing on the way to some very expensive dinner, and didn’t know I was going to be eating course after course that night. Turned out it was going to be a 13-course meal, with drinks. And because this not a food review, you won’t have to bore yourself with the whole gastronomical experience. Which was nice (and expensive) and all, but that’s not the focus here. The focus is how this lipstick lasted without any reapplying. 

This is how it went.

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Here We Are At The Restaurant

This is me at the restaurant named Nadodi, taking a photo of the menu, to prove to you, how long dinner was going to be. Basically, forever (okay it took four hours) and we opted for the 13 courses (there were options for 11 courses and 15).

Sri Lankan food gone fancy. Not a bad thing.

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