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One-Minute Trick For Beautiful Eyes

It’s common for beginners in make-up to find using eyeshadows a little overwhelming, and not everyone has the time to layer multiple colours daily to create the perfect ‘smokey eye’. But beauty adapts, which is why when I was introduced eye crayons or eyeshadow sticks – it simplified my whole routine within a few swipes. Revolutionary!

There’s something about done-up lids where it makes your face look more awake, especially with a conscious effort of selecting colours that match the lipstick you’re putting on.

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It takes about a minute or less, it’s very buildable too. For an everyday look I’ll swipe lightly on the lid and smudge. For a more dramatic effect, I would fill in my water line as well and do a quick wing with eyeliner at the tip of my lash line. Don’t be shy to experiment with these too, it can be used as eyeliner a la Solange Knowles.

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The best thing about converting to an eyeshadow stick is that it lasts all. day. long! It doesn’t get anymore simple, here are my top 5 favourite sticks to give a chance:

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NUDESTIX Magnetic Eye Color in Fig (Matte FInish), RM92, Available at Sephora.

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