How To Organize Your Make-Up Pinterest Style

If anyone knows me, they know I scroll through Pinterest at least once a day. My pins usually consist of make-up, fitness and lots of food.

My latest obsession revolves around gorgeously organized make-up! Imagine organizing your make-up collection Pinterest style to please your eyes everyday when you’re putting your brows on. Hell yea!

So if you want some easy ideas on how to make sure your dressing table looks neat and chic, pay close attention ladies:

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Stand Straight With Labels


Source: Pinterest

I have about 50 brushes at home, don’t judge me, and they’re either on my table, in my drawers or in old chocolate tins. However this looks much more presentable!

You’ll need:

  • Glass or hard plastic jars
  • Beads or coffee beans
  • Coloured papers or manila cards

How to:

Fill the jar with beads or coffee grounds and stick your brushes in them. If you have a lot of brushes then label them separately according to their functions. This makes it easier when you’re getting ready or when you’re cleaning up after.

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