Past Beauty Trends We Don’t Miss At All

80s and 90s Fashion trends are always in style and pretty easy to work in our daily ensemble today. We brought back the choker necklace, Doc Martens, floral skater dresses and cute jelly sandals!  It got us thinking about on a #throwback of beauty trends that make us cringe, back then and look even more down-right awkward now.

Let us bring you back to the trends we wouldn’t wish upon our worst enemies to wear out in public!

1. Skinny Eyebrows

We’ve all been there. Over-plucking to the point of mayhem. Not only were they sparse but the high arch celebrities wore made them look amused at almost everything they were looking at.

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2. Chunky Highlights

If you were a teenager in the 90’s, you will probably remember flipping through celebrity images and begging your parents to get you highlights on school holidays. Salons in KL would charge highlights per strand, it wasn’t expensive but i guess there was a reason for that – the outcome was hurrendous.

(image: Style Caster)

(image: Style Caster)

3. Dark Lip Liner

I don’t know who came up with this beauty trend but dark lip liner were always spotted with the glossiest chunk of lip paint to coat on top. Looks like all the celebrities wanted to look like a chick who smokes 2 packs a day.

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4. Crimped Hair

Are we crimping up your style? If yes then consider this our last warning. Just. Stop. It. The 80s crimped hair loaded with hairspray is a tricky way to fake volumnious hair, but if its overdone it can make your hair look like a dehydrated poodle.

(image: Pop Sugar)

(image: Pop Sugar)

5. Chalky Blue Eyeshadow

Celebrities hit pan when it came to blue eyeshadow. No matter what you were wearing or the occasion, it was the go-to colour. Needless to say, a blending brush was also non-existent in their make up regime, hence the caked up pigment up to the brow! Dear lord.