PSA: Your Sephora Points Have An Expiry Date

Every beauty junkie has a membership card from Sephora’s Beauty Pass Program. Be it White, Black or Gold if you’re a baller – every ringgit you spend counts for something.

If you’re a frequent visitor to the store, you should be informed that all the points you’ve been hoarding may just vanish into thin air.

We’ve got a lot of mixed feelings about Sephora’s new policy and so does Twitter.

As soon as the news spiraled out of control, I had a tinge of hope it wouldn’t be implemented to us in South East Asia. So I hopped over to the website’s FAQ tab and boom!

Image: Sephora

It’s a fact we can all use to justify our beauty addiction to everyone and anyone. 18 Months is not a short period of time, it could be worst.

Although the internet is crying, we like to see the brighter side of things – now you can use up your points without waiting for that one rainy day. Redeem, ladies, R-E-D-E-E-M!