Removing Your Moles: Traditional Or Laser

Your beauty marks should be embraced and celebrated! It’s a part of you. While moles are harmless, in certain cases it can be a burden for some people depending on the size, where it’s located and if it poses as a health risk.

Moles are an irregularity of the skin which some people are just born with and there are also others that appear later on in life!

There are many ways to remove a mole – some through traditional and home remedies or through laser removal.

Laser Treatments

Non-cancerous moles or those that are much smaller can be removed with a laser treatment. It’s said to be painless using strong bursts of light radiation to break down the skin cells. Depending on the size of the mole, it can take a few visits to a specialist to get it completely removed.

Excision and shave removals are another common way that dermatologists use to remove moles. Excisions are treated with local anesthesia and are for moles that have grown deeper into the skin – although this may be a more common way, laser removal can be useful for areas on the body that are harder to reach.


Although there are a whole bunch of home remedies that you could try, some just don’t end up working.

Alternatively, homeopathic remedies have proven to work and are very popular.

Our features writer, Joceline went and tried out a homeopathic method and this was her experience:

“The procedure, which began with a brief consultation, was over much quicker than I anticipated. The herbal solution was applied onto my moles with a stick and aside from the light sting on the affected areas, the only thing I could think about was how much I wanted some satay. The lady who was performing the procedure would explain the steps as she went and was very reassuring.

Perhaps the only downside from this method is the time it takes for the moles to “drop off”. While getting it surgically remove may give you quicker results, this traditional method could take one to three weeks of healing. But if you’re not a fan of lasers or going under the knife, this method is by far, the best alternative yet.”

Make sure you consult a specialist and explore your options before deciding what to choose!