These Are The Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Skin And This Is How You Can Save It

If I had a ringgit for the amount of times my mother would come up to me and tell me “you should probably start using eye cream” and an extra ringgit for all the times I’ve brushed her off – I’d be cashing in some serious monies.

We take it for granted that just because we’re in our early 20’s, we don’t need to worry about our skin ever aging. But honey… We do. There are the ways you’re sabotaging your skin and I’ve got the perfect solution for you.

You pull all nighters and don’t get enough sleep

I get it, the all nighter parties, the last minute essay typing and delayed revision sessions. These are things that are not letting you achieve your eight hours a night! Skin repairs itself while you sleep so when you’re not getting your beauty sleep, it can lead to a dull complexion. Having a dull complexion will make you look much older than you are and not to mention the dark circles to go along with it.

You’re a smoker

Okay, even if you’re only a ‘social’ smoker or not a smoker at all – the secondhand smoke can still trigger premature aging. It causes the collagen and elastin to break down leaving your skin saggy.

You don’t wear sunscreen

Now I was so stubborn on wearing sun screen until… Now. It can be tough to find the right sunscreen for you but it really is an essential as the harsh sun rays are a key factor  in causing fine lines and wrinkles.

You avoid anti-aging products because you think you’re too young

Don’t be making the same mistakes at me! You might not think you need to start early when it comes to longevity enhancing products but the truth is that we need to start using them NOW.

How to save it?

Without having to change your current skincare routine, try adding the Chanel Blue Serum into the mix. Blue Serum is also contains moisturizing ingredients and should be the first skincare step in a women’s daily beauty ritual after a cleansed skin.

It’s no wonder that the inhabitants from the ‘blue zone’ areas of the world consisting of Costa Rica, Sardinia, Greece and Japan are key areas of scientific study on exceptional longevity. And of course, the ingredients are directly sourced from these areas. The combined action of the three active ingredients in the product helps improve cellular longevity and activates the youthfulness of the skin.

Green Coffee from Costa Rica 

The fruits of the selected green coffee from the Nicoya peninsula in Costa Rica contain one or two beans that are particularly rich in antioxidant molecules.

Olives from Sardinia

Olive oil is renowned for its rich content of essential fatty acids and Omegas where olive tree leaves contain powerful antioxidants.

Lentisk from Greece

Lentisk gum from Greece is endowed with beneficial regenerating power.


Told you we found the holy grail.