Here’s How You Can Try The Super-Pretty Seaglass Nail Trend

Original Reporting | Hidayah Idris

Nails are one of the best yet most subtle ways of expressing yourself. Some people love gem-encrusted nail art, while others love a good French mani. But when it comes to DIY, most of us prefer something easy to do—even better if it’s work-appropriate.

Which is why we love the Seaglass nails that American nail artist Jessica Washick has come up with. In an Instagram post, she described them as “slightly more opaque than #Jellynails and finished with a matte topcoat.” (Fun fact about Jessica: she also designs Air Force 1’s at Nike where she works as a Senior Colour Designer.)

Since the colour is so opaque, you can wear the loud and bright hues you’ve always wanted while keeping it work-appropriate.


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Seaglass #nails 🌊

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Watch the video below to see how she does it (it looks pretty easy?!). How about try the trend with other colours, the tutorial is so easy!

Best part is, this nail art is pretty work-ready. Great for the office and beyond!