Selena Gomez Is Launching Her New Beauty Line, Rare Beauty

Selena Gomez is finally dropping her highly anticipated new beauty line, Rare Beauty and we’re here for it.

After teasing us about her intentions to expand her brand via her Variety interview last month (and filing trademarks for a beauty line back in August 2019), Gomez finally released an Instagram Live just hours ago detailing her reasons for launching the brand she’s been working on for two years. Wearing a bold red lip and shimmery eyeshadow from Rare Beauty (clearly a nod to her recent album, Rare) at their headquarters, she was shown trying on different lipsticks, eyeshadows, blush swatches and make-up sponges.

Take a look at the official video announcement on Insta from Gomez herself:


In the announcement video, she stated that the project arose out of her personal need for a brand that speaks to women and young girls in a manner that inspires confidence and individuality — the ethos of Rare Beauty. “I wanted to make a brand where you feel comfortable,” she says. “I think people feel the pressure — I know I do — where you kind of feel like you need to look like everyone else… Sometimes that can feel a bit isolating.”

In fact, the brand name itself reflects Gomez’s strong desire to make the line inclusive to everyone. “I want girls and boys, and men and women to feel comfortable. It’s [Rare Beauty] meant to be enjoyed…We’re not meant to look like everyone else, we are meant to look like ourselves… and you’re a rare beauty,” she says.

Always having been vocal about her self-image to the public, she states that “being rare is about being comfortable with yourself. I’ve stopped trying to be perfect. I just want to be me.” Ergo, she hopes to impart the message of self-love to others by wanting everyone to stop comparing themselves to others and start embracing their own uniqueness. “You’re not defined by a photo, a like or a comment. Rare Beauty isn’t about how other people see you, it’s about how you see yourself.”

There’s even an Instagram account set up for the Rare Beauty brand (formerly her Revival tour Instagram page) which posted the quote above from its founder:


Gomez isn’t here to play and her dedication to bringing the very best she has to offer to the world shows. Rare Beauty has hired top players from huge companies like NYX, Too Faced, Hourglass and The Honest Co to join the team, including Scott Friedman (former CEO of NYX) as their own CEO to boost the chances of big time success.

Friedman noted that the brand’s mission is to shape conversations around beauty, self-acceptance and mental health. “We will work to help people get more access to support and services. We want to help people feel more authentically connected to one another and less along in this world,” he told Women’s Wear Daily.


With hopes of turning the brand into a lifestyle, Gomez aims to include her fans and real people in the development and marketing of the brand. “I want your help to build the brand because I want it to be real — real stories, real people, a place where people can feel they are in a community and not feel pressured to look like anything but themselves,” says the singer/actress.

The celebrity makeup line will be sold exclusively at Sephora in the U.S., Canada and Mexico as well as on its own website this summer but she plans to go globally next year. So, for all you Selenators over here in Malaysia, just be patient and you’ll get your hands on her beauty line soon!