Sexy Scents That He’ll Just Love

Got a hot date lined up? Or maybe just a hot hookup? Every girl knows that spritzing on that perfect perfume will get them weak in the knees. So we dipped into our guy pool and got you the top scents that’ll blow his mind.

Dolce And Gabbana Light Blue Escape Panarea.
“It may come as a surprise, but not all guys are into floral and fruity scents. This is one I’d love to get a whiff of from a woman – light, warm, and very refreshing. Kind of gives you a summer romance vibe.” – Fabian, 27.

Jimmy Choo Exotic.
“Tropical, fruity and flirty. Very bold and very sexy. I’d say this girl smells like a million bucks, and who wouldn’t want to wake up next to a million bucks?” – Jeff, 29.

Gucci Guilty Black.
“Warm and not overwhelmingly sweet or annoying like a lot of those girly-girl perfumes out there. It’s kind of fruity and sensual at the same time, I’d follow this scent trail right into the bedroom for sure.” – Kaleb, 25.

Lacoste Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle.
“With a name like Sensuelle you can bet that it’s a helluva sensual. It’s soft and really feminine, almost delicate, but sultry at the same time. This is a scent that would have me intrigued, like I want to know more about you.” – Mikhail, 28.

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Rosé.
“I’m not getting any rose, but it’s very flowery, almost powdery but smooth. Smells quite yummy actually, in an understated kind of way – it doesn’t beg for your attention. Smells very sophisticated to me.” – Bryan, 31.

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire.
“This is one hot and intense perfume. It’s classy and exudes powerful vibe to it, I’d say it’s irresistible.” – Zariff, 25.