Shape Your Own Eyebrows At Home, Thanks To These Mega Expert Tips

We’re currently still in the thick of MCO and do you know what else is getting thick (other than your thighs, but that’s OKAY, really!)? It’s your brows which have been growing, living their best life: untamed and unruly.

If you’re into boy brows, that’s fine. Let them grow!

But if you’re upset that they’re looking untidy and unkempt, it’s fine. Because we have some amazing brow tips courtesy from Benefit Malaysia’s National Brow Artist.

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Let’s get started!

Get ready to bring definition back to those unruly brows in just a few simple steps!

Gather up your tools. Here’s what you’ll need for perfectly-groomed brows:

  • A well-lit area, a microlining brow pencil to map the brow shape, a clear brow gel to help with trimming, tweezers, brow scissors (preferably with a rounded tip)

Step 1. Trim

  • Every brow, no matter how thick or thin, will need to be trimmed from time to time. Trimming your brows is like trimming your bangs: it sounds easy but often ends in a disaster.
  • Take the clear brow gel (I like to use Benefit 24-HR Brow Setter) and brush the brow hairs upward towards the hairline and out towards the temple. Let the gel dry completely then only trim the ends that are sticking too far out past your desired shape.

Step 2. Tweezing Dos & Don’ts


  1. Always use natural lighting. If possible, tweeze near a window with even lighting on your face.
  2. Use a microliner (Try Precisely, My Brow Pencil) to fill in your brow into the desired shape before you remove any hairs. See below for tips on how to find your perfect brow shape. This step allows you to see which hairs need to go and which ones need to stay.
  3. Pull the skin tight with one finger and then tweeze the hair in the direction it is growing. Typically, that direction is upward or towards the temple versus straight out away from the face.


  1. Brows bring balance and proportion to your face and eyes so it’s important you use a mirror where you can see both of them. AVOID tiny magnifying mirrors because you can only see a field of tiny hair versus the actual shape.
  2. Don’t remove hair in the wrong direction. Many people believe that they tweezed too often, when in fact, they tweezed improperly. Each brow hair is connected to a tiny blood vessel (derma vessel) that keeps it healthy and allows it to grow back when the hair is removed. Tweezing in the wrong direction or against the direction of natural growth can cause that vessel to rupture.

Step 3. Get to know the brow mapping technique.

The easiest way to personalise and tailor any brow is through a 3-step custom technique called Brow Mapping. Simply take your favourite brow pencil and make these three measurements to find the shape that best fits your face. We’ll use the nose as the single point of origin to map out both brows. Using the same point of origin for both brows will help you create symmetry and balance.

With some trusty tools and a steady hand, you’re all set for the perfect brows 

  • First, find the Start: measure straight from the dimple of the nose to the beginning of the brow and make a mark.
  • Next, look for the Arch: beginning at the edge of the nose we pass through the pupil to the highest portion of the brow and make a mark.
  • Finally, identify the End: measure from the outer edge of the nose past the outer corner of the eye and make a mark.
  • After you’ve made those marks, use a brow pencil to sketch a few lines to connect each mark on the top and the bottom of your brow. Hairs that fall outside those lines are the ones you should tweeze and the ones that are inside the lines should stay.