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Showing Your Acne Is The #BodyPos Movement We So Desperately Need

These past few years have seen the body positivity movement going strong with brands opting to roll out un-retouched images (good on you, ASOS!), casting models of varying ages ( I see you, Maye Musk for CoverGirl), designers vocally championing body diversity (hi, Christian Siriano!), and beauty labels exerting the importance of inclusivity when it comes to shade range (thanks Fenty Beauty!). While both the fashion and beauty industry can and must certainly strive to continuously do better, it’s refreshing to see brands and inspiring individuals breaking the mould to make fashion and beauty a happier, more accepting place for everyone.

However, I’ve always felt like acne visibility was something that was overlooked. All around us, in magazines and on screens, the girls and guys had one thing in common – perfect skin that appears as if it has never known a pimple. The pressure to have an unblemished canvas is real, and I see it first hand as an acne-ridden Beauty Writer. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been pushed to try a clay mask and often before I even tell a beauty consultant what my concerns are, I’m greeted with “Are you looking for something for your scars and spots?” when I’m just there to get a great lipstick.

Acne is complex. Those with clear complexions sometimes find it their duty to offer unsolicited advice. While I’m always open to finding new solutions, I don’t need anyone bringing up my acne without me asking. I know I have them. I see them every day. And often, I find that the easiest way to deal is to remind yourself that you are so much more than the spots on your face. Truly, it is better to be funny and kind, smart and passionate than to simply have good skin and nothing else.

But as of late, thanks to social media and pop culture kweens, acne is finally getting the conversation it deserves – one that says it’s okay. Acne happens, it can be treated if you want, of course, but there is no shame in going barefaced, zits and all. Considering 40-55% of the adult population gets acne, it’s high time it gets normalised.

Click through to see some of the best acne positivity stories and campaigns in the media.

Featured Image Credits: @Motoguo Instagram

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Malaysian designer Moto Guo featured models with acne on his Spring/Summer 2017 runway in Milan. It sounds dramatic, but seeing this show helped me accept my acne. Thank you, Moto Guo.

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