Here’s What Went Down While Getting Ready for Xmas with Biotherm!

A few of our readers got a chance to get their skin ready for the festive Christmas season with Biotherm.   #TeamCLEO had a fun  event with Biotherm over two sessions on the 23rd November 2019 at the Biotherm Kiosk, 1 Utama Shopping Centre.

The event started off with a welcome note by the Editor of CLEO Malaysia, Lina Esa.

Then Clyde Lim, the Training Manager of Biotherm Malaysia shared the history of Biotherm’s Life Plankton Clear Essence from how it started to the benefit it presents from regular use.

CLEO Hot Shots 2019 Izza Izzelan, Kimberly Wan & Siti Aishah made a special appearance to share how the Life Plankton Essence has helped their skin as a foundation to their daily routine. The best part of it was readers got insights to a great skin care routine and learned on how to incorporate it in their skincare routines despite having tight schedules.

Clyde’s full instructions can also be viewed and watched at our Instagram highlight, here. 

Kimberly Wan, 25, National Ice Hockey Athlete


Izza Izelan, 31, Executive Director at WOMEN:GIRLS


Siti Aishah, 34, Founder and Lead Programme Developer for SPOT


Readers were also offered a chance to scan their skin to find out the type and skin age, and a recommendation of skincare rituals to follow.

Readers had a chance to do a skin test named Miracle Key.


Clyde also did a quick demonstration of the right way and steps of using Biotherm products.

On top of that, exclusive offers and discounts were offered only to the attendees on that day. The icing on the cake – each reader went back happily with one bottle each of Life Plankton Essence, Life Plankton Mask and Aquasource Everplump Cream.

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Get to know how you can do it on your own.
Just follow this simple ritual:

For years, women have been searching for the secret to clear, untarnished skin. The solution lies in Biotherm’s discovery about a fundamental first step of the skincare routine, right after toning:


Step 0 – The Fundamental Treatment: After toning, as the first step of the skincare routine:

-Apply a small amount of Life Plankton Clear Essence to improve skin clarity and skin texture.
-Or apply 5-6 drops of the original Life Plankton Essence to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and skin dryness.

To ignite the regenerative power of Life Plankton, shake both bottles before applying the product as the ingredient tends to sit at the bottom of the bottle.

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