Start Your Journey To Look Lit-From-Within With Clinique’s Even Better Family!

It comes as no surprise that bright and healthy skin comes along in a package with effort and dedication.

As we go through our everyday activities, we may overlook certain aspects that causes damage to our skin in the long run. External factors such as the sun and pollution from the environment can be the main reason for the dark spots that everyone finds irksome, including myself! Internal factors that every woman has to face monthly is our menstrual cycle that tugs on our hormones which results to mood swings, let alone dull-looking skin. So what does it really take to maintain plump and hydrated skin all-around the calendar?

Watch the video below to inspire dedication in order to achieve a brightening boost through a 28-day challenge:

Even Better™ Brighter Milky Lotion is available at Clinique counters nationwide.  Priced at RM220. To check out the rest of the Even Better line and purchase online, hop on over to Clinique’s website.