Take A Chance With Chanel’s Latest Eau De Parfum

The new Chance Eau Tendre Eau De Parfum, RM415 (50ml), RM589 (100ml) is a cause for celebration

Gently freckled and sunkissed, model of the moment Anne Vyalitsyna spied across the canals of Venice a dashingly handsome Italian man with emerald eyes. “It’s your chance, take it!”, came the narrating voice. Call it a lucky strike of Cupid’s arrow or a fateful chance encounter, Anne leaped to it and we assume, the rest is a Venetian love story for the ages.

That idyllic vision of taking a chance on love was the campaign film directed by Jean-Paul Goude for the debut of Chance Chanel, a new fragrance pillar introduced in 2002. Crafted by perfumer Jacques Polge, Chance signified a new era of lightness and sparkling sensuality in the storied French fashion house with it’s heart of jasmine offset with a medley of pink pepper, citrus, patchouli and chypre.

Where Chanel No. 5 was an iconic, musky scent and the Allure line was unapologetically sexy and womanly, Chanel Chance was a dream come true for vivacious young women looking for an invigorating everyday scent.

The Evolution of Chanel Chance

Over the years, Chanel Chance grew its family to include three other iterations in various forms  to please the legions of Chanel girls and their ever-changing tastes. If you were fond of zesty, uplifting scents, Chance Eau Fraîche is your go-to. If you’re perpetually in a mood for a sophisticated citrus, Chance Eau Vive rarely dissapoints. And if, say, you’re seeking for a scent that’s jubilant without sacrificing on sensuality, the creamy, enveloping Chance Eau Tendre is a must-have, especially when it’s now introduced in an Eau De Parfum version.

Chanel Chance Eau Vive EDT

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre EDP

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre EDT

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche EDT

Chanel Chance EDT

Chanel Chance EDP

Bottled in the signature curvaceous Chance bottle, the concoction of Chanel Chance Eau Tendre EDP is a familial affair. Following in his father’s footsteps, Olivier Polge served as the nose for Chance Eau Tendre EDP in collaboration with Chanel Laboratory of Fragrance Creation and Development to add intensity, body and femininity to the scent.

The Scent Stays True

This brand new fragrance spotlights the fullness of jasmine absolute in a poetic composition of creamy white musk that sits close to the skin for an intoxicating dry-down and accented with bursts of grapefruit-quince accord. But truly, it is the addition of rose essence that makes this fragrance a winner. When paired delicately with jasmine absolute, it makes Chance Eau Tendre EDP a memorable floral scent with a gorgeous sillage that’s far from being heady or overpowering.

The latest campaign plays on the theater of chance: the audition

In short, here is a beautiful scent that puts the wearer first. Its charming, modern and upbeat without losing that classic, womanly quality Chanel is known for.

The New Ad Campaign

Taking cues from the modernity of Chance Eau Tendre EDP, director Jean-Paul Goude returns with a new ad campaign for Chanel Chance, this time focusing on the merriment and camaraderie seen on stage, or rather, at the auditions where emotions run high and everyone present is full of vibrant energy.

Choreographed by Sir Ryan Heffington whose work includes Sia’s expressive ‘Chandelier’ video and music by American DJ/Producer Sam Spiegel, the ad campaign sees models Rianne Von Rompaey, Ysaunny Brito, Camille Hurel and Abby Champion (each girl a representation of each Chanel Chance perfume) vying for a coveted spot in the show. Gabrielle Chanel once said “Chance is a way of being”.

The sentiment rings true for the woman who was not only fearless in taking chances, but was also bold in carving her own opportunities and making the most of them. Something to remember the next time you spritz on your Chanel Chance perfume.