The Best Nail Polish I Own Costs Less Than RM10!

It’s always exciting to try new beauty products but the biggest perk of my job is finding something truly amazing and being able to gush about it with you immediately. Even better, when said product costs less than your Starbucks coffee order. Case in point: Essence The Gel Nail Polish.

Essence The Gel Nail Polish in #14 Do You Speak Love, RM7.90.

I appreciate a good manicure. There’s something uplifting about having immaculate nails that just makes mundane tasks (like typing, ahem) a little more bearable. But I’m not one who’s precious with my nails. Post-manicure, I feel like I’m living on the edge; as if I’m counting down the seconds before I do chip my freshly-done digits. I’m not one for gels either. I love it on others but it’s too much of a commitment and I enjoy having the freedom of removing polishes as and when I please. In comes The Gel Nail Polish by drugstore brand Essence.

It goes on glossy, with a formulation that tiptoes between neither too runny nor goopy, dries fairly quickly and comes with a wide brush applicator (nothing irks me more than a good polish with a skinny brush. I like painting my nails in quick strokes, thanks!). It really does give off a gel-like effect without the need of a salon appointment. It lasts better with a topcoat (most polishes do) but that’s something I can live with, given that its price point! I also love this particular shade #14 Do You Speak Love. It’s a rich oxblood that makes my hands look like they brunch at St. Regis and shop exclusively in boutiques with doormen. (They do neither).

Good nails shouldn’t be reserved to those who can afford profesh manicures. You deserve nice things. Get yourself to a drugstore and buy a bottle (or 3!). I can’t guarantee your day will be better but I can safely say your nails will be looking fly as you sort out any problems.

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