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Malaysia’s Top Beauty Influencers Reveal Their Ultimate Make-Up Picks

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Compiled by Cheryl Law 

Let’s face it: there’s something about obsessing over what our Malaysian beauty bloggers are currently using. It might be the hottest new launches that hit the shelves and every single exclusive collection drop. But as #TeamCLEO has found out, there are other secrets to flawless skins and juicy pouts — these beauty stars are just like the rest of us.

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So in the name of journalism (and improved make-up game), #TeamCLEO checked in with some of the best-loved beauty and make-up Instagrammers in Malaysia on the one product they can’t step out without. Keep on reading for to find out the best product for banishing the 2PM oil slick, the must-have prep for liquid lipstick fans and the classic blush that still live up to the hype.

NORIANA: Pretties Up Her Pout

#TeamCLEO suggests: Try Lipice Sheer Colour Original, RM12.75 at Watsons

Lip balm! Does that count? Because I don’t like to look parched. And with my glowing skincare already on, I just need a hint of colour on my lips. 🙂 Lipice, the one without fragrance, is the lip balm I swear by.” —@norianathefacedesigner

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