The New Clear Botanique Range Is A Must-Have for Dandruff and Lifeless Hair

It’s time to go back to Mother Nature’s roots with the brand new botanical hair care range, Clear Botanique. Now that it has landed on our sunny Malaysian shores, how could we possibly not check it out for ourselves?

Let’s get real, some of us are too used to the not-so-hair-care-friendly blazing sun and sweat-inducing humid air causing us to underwash our tresses. Want to guess what tends to come after this? If you’ve guessed dandruff, then you’re right. And did you know that too-oily scalps can be at risk of suffering from dandruff?

Having dandruff can be a real obstacle in your social life, so of course you’ll want to resolve it ASAP. After all, every woman deserves to feel confident and care-free. However, many harsh anti-dandruff solutions can  wreak havoc on your locks, causing it to look rough and dull — the opposite of what you want.

Lucky for you, the Clear Botanique series is here with their total hair care shampoo and conditioner solution that’ll help boost the scalp’s inner strength to ward off dandruff while keeping your hair looking and feeling gorgeous, healthy and fresh.

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Recently, I got the chance to attend the CLEAR Botanique launch at Greenhouse, Seputeh. Let’s just say that the stripped back nature theme combined with the activities that followed were certainly an eye-opening experience.

Upon arrival is this stunning earthy view at the Glasshouse in Seputeh that spoke very well to the CLEAR Botanique range.


Listening to Natalie Goh, Marketing Manager, hair care category of Unilever (Malaysia) sharing the purpose of CLEAR and the innovation behind the CLEAR Botanique range.


CLEAR’s Botanique range comes in two (2) variants: Balanced and Bouncy caters to oily hair and scalp (left) while Nourished and Healthy caters to dry hair and scalp (right).


Guests (including yours truly) paying close attention to the hair care demo and having our minds blown.


The CLEAR Botanique Balanced & Bouncy helps remove excessive oil and refresh scalp and hair while keeping hair looking strong, bouncy and dandruff-free.


The Nourished and Healthy variant is infused with 5 essential oils to ensure your scalp and hair is truly moisturised.


Guests taking part in some of the cool nature-themed activities like planting our very own mini terrarium.

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