The Only Valentines Date You’ll Ever Need

Do y’know what is one-level-up-better than having a romantic date for Valentine’s Day is? Having a Valentine’s date with yourself.  

Ladies, you deserve to pamper yourself to the fullest and why not make a date with your best girlfriends this February 14th while you’re at it? Ingredients needed for your pamper date consists of:  your favourite chick flick, a lukewarm bath tub and ample of time to get ready for a night out on the town.

Lucky for you, I’ve nailed down the ultimate Valentines date we can have with ourselves.

Soak in bubbles

There’s something about laying in your own filth in luke warm water and scented candles burning in the air that is oddly satisfying and so full of ‘hygge’. Treat yo’self to the ultimate gift of self-love: your time for just you.

Turn up your favourite music, get cozy and whip out the secret weapon: Chance Eau Vive Foaming Shower Gel. A fresh and vivifying gel to make take your bath/shower game taken to the next level.

Chance Eau Vive Shower Gel – RM175

Moisture lock

Get the suppleness back in your skin after soaking in the bath by moisturizing that skin!

Try using Chance Eau Vive Body Lotion to leave your skin satiny soft and subtly bathed in the delicate scent of floral-zesty notes.

Chance Eau Vive Body Lotion – RM235


Make Me Up

Gather the tools, there’s nothing more precious than taking your own sweet time to get ready for a night out on the town.

Final Touches

Hair? Check. Makeup? Check. 

Fragrance? Check. The Chance Eau Vive Eau De Toilette is a floral-zesty fragrance stirred by the fresh, vivifying notes of Grapefruit and Blood Orange.



Chance Eau Vive Fragrance (50ML) – RM350